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Internships Abroad

Do an internship abroad with Projects Abroad and use the experience to learn new skills and add relevant, practical work experience to your resume. In addition to personal and professional growth, an international internship also gives you a deeper insight into global issues. Our internships run throughout the year and you can join at any time.

When you do an international internship with us, you:

When you intern abroad with us, you learn directly from professionals. We encourage you to take on an active role at your placement. Ask questions, take notes, and get involved! 

Summer Internships Abroad

Summer is a popular time of year to intern abroad, especially for high school graduates and college students. Make the most of the break and use the time to get work experience and give your resume an edge. A summer internship abroad will also give you lots to talk about in interviews and applications.

Our internships are available throughout the summer. Most of our programs don't have requirements. When they do, you'll find that information on the project page. 

If you have questions about international internships, get in touch to chat with our friendly Program Advisors. 

Intern abroad opportunities

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