An archaeologist closely examines an artefact during one of our Archaeology opportunities abroad in Peru.

Volunteer Archeology Digs


Take part in archeological field work and document history as a volunteer on an Archeology Project with us. Some of the activities you do can include:

  • Restoration work
  • Excavation trips
  • Writing reports
  • Drawing maps
  • Keeping field documents

Understanding the past teaches us about our present and our future. On an archeological volunteering program you’ll use your own hands to unearth clues about human behaviour in the past. You’ll also be involved with protecting important sites, like our Inca archeological site in Peru.

If you’re wondering about what skills you need to be an archeologist in the future, we highly recommend getting as much hands-on experience as possible! With us, you can: 

  • Connect with professional archeologists and work alongside them
  • Get the skills and experiences you need to understand what archeology really involves on the ground
  • Boost your resume with practical experience abroad

We also welcome qualified archeologists, as well as anyone who wants to get a feel for the work.

Choose an Archaeology Project

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A picture of a group of volunteers from Projects Abroad out on a dig during their archaeology volunteering in Peru.

From $2,520 USD

Incan and Wari Archaeology Volunteering in Peru
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Work with experienced archaeologists on ancient Incan and Wari excavation sites in Peru

  • Completely flexible dates
  • Anyone aged 16 or over can join
  • From 1 week
Archaeology volunteering for teenagers in Peru also includes weekend trips to places like Machu Picchu.

From $3,070 USD

Archaeology Volunteering in Peru for Teenagers
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Learn from archaeologists and work with a group to uncover ancient civilisations and history in Peru

  • Fixed dates during school break
  • This project is only for 15-18 year olds
  • From 2 weeks
An excavation site in which Projects Abroad volunteers carry out archaeology volunteering work in Romania.

From $2,970 USD

Volunteer Archaeology in Romania
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Work with experienced archaeologists to preserve cultural sites and uncover ancient history throughout Romania

  • Completely flexible dates
  • Anyone aged 16 or over can join
  • From 1 week
Volunteers on the Archaeology in Romania for Teenagers project analyse their findings.

From $3,570 USD

Archaeology Volunteering in Romania for Teenagers
See this project

Join a group of teenagers your age and help archaeologists uncover ancient civilisations in Eastern Europe

  • Fixed dates during school break
  • This project is only for 15-18 year olds
  • From 2 weeks

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

We’d be happy to talk about creating a custom archaeological expedition for you. Most of our staff have been volunteers themselves, so they’re ready to answer your questions, big or small.

(+1) 212 244 7234

or email:

to start planning your project

Is Archeology volunteering right for me?

If you’re asking yourself, “can an average person participate in an archeological dig?” the answer is yes! If you want to develop the skills that real archeologists have, or you’ve been wondering how to join an archeological dig, this program is right for you.

You don’t need previous experience to join. You’ll be working next to expert archeologists, historians, and curators. These experts will support you through your work. Our Projects Abroad staff will also be there to help when needed.

Our volunteer archeology digs are for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re in full-time education, preparing for a college course, or working on a postgraduate qualification. We have a placement for you if: 

  • You want to learn more about this fascinating field.
  • You only have a short time available to do something unique abroad. A summer archeology program may just be for you! 
  • You’ve worked on archeological programs before; we can place you in a role where your professional skills will be used.
  • You have academic requirements you need to fill, we can organize an Archeology Internship for you.

If you’re interested in protecting vulnerable parts of our planet, but feel an Archeology Project isn’t right for you, take a look at our Conservation Projects. See a full list of programs for volunteering abroad. Whatever your project choice, you can learn from our teams, while discovering what you’re capable of. 

Volunteers take notes during a dig on one of our Archaeology opportunities abroad.

What are the benefits of an archeological trip?

You can take part in one of our archeology volunteer opportunities to get the skills you need to fulfill your dreams, and give back.

Here are just some of the benefits that our previous volunteers talk about:

  • Skills like teamwork, communication, leadership, resilience, organizing, planning, and time management
  • Support and contact with professional archeologists.
  • Experience in hands-on archeological field work.
  • Developing a global mindset, from working and empathizing with people from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Confidence from challenging yourself outside of your comfort zone

These benefits will give your resume the edge it needs in future applications and will add to your personal development. You’ll also leave with new skills and a new appreciation for the past and its influence on our future!

Why does this program matter?

Geology, history, art, and engineering all come together to help us understand the past better. You’ll help us uncover ancient civilizations as you map and document your findings during archeological expeditions. Generations of future archeologists and historians may rely on your contribution to the project.

What sets our Archeology Programs apart?

At Projects Abroad, our first aim is to benefit the communities we work in. Our internships and volunteer programs are ethical and well supported. Here are some factors that set us apart:

Real work with trained professionals

We often get asked by volunteers how they can get into archeology? With us, you’ll work alongside trained professionals who will share their archeological knowledge with you. Observe them in their everyday work, ask questions, and hear more about their experiences. You’ll pick up important practical skills, and also gain insight into the discourse around archeology. 

Hands-on experience and practical skills

Our volunteers carry out their own tasks that are important for the overall project. Your contribution will be valuable and worthwhile. 

Projects Abroad staff guide volunteers during our Archaeology volunteer opportunities.

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