A group of people clear ground for a new playground at a disadvantaged school during their short-term volunteer abroad trip to Jamaica.

Short Term Volunteering Abroad

Volunteer overseas short term and become part of our ongoing efforts to support communities

Make a difference on one of our ethical short term volunteer abroad programs. You’ll be part of our ongoing efforts to support local communities, even if you only have time for a week-long volunteer opportunity. 

In a one or two week volunteer abroad program with us, you can choose: 

All of our short term volunteer placements have: 

One or two-week volunteer trips in another country can impact your life in a big way. The lessons you’ll learn through cultural immersion and serving others can stick with you for many years. 

We can also organize short-term internships abroad. They will allow you to help global communities and endangered environments while gaining more skills for the academic or working world.

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Projects Abroad Conservation volunteers build an eco-wall using recycled plastic in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.
Giant Tortoise & Sea Lion Conservation in the Galapagos Islands
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  • Price: $3,000 USD for 1 week
  • Extra Weeks: $500 USD
  • Start Date: Anytime
  • Minimum Duration: 1 week
  • Ages: 16 or over
Volunteer with rhinos in Nepal
Rhino Conservation in Nepal
See this project
  • Price: $3,140 USD for 2 weeks
  • Extra Weeks: $470 USD
  • Start Date: Anytime
  • Minimum Duration: 2 weeks
  • Ages: 16 or over
Female Medical intern treats a local woman's finger at a Public Health Outreach programme during her Medical placement in Ghana.
Medical Internships in Ghana
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  • Price: $2,500 USD for 1 week
  • Extra Weeks: $400 USD
  • Start Date: Anytime
  • Minimum Duration: 1 week
  • Ages: 16 or over
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Can't find what you're looking for?

We’d be happy to talk about creating a custom short term volunteer abroad program for you. Most of our staff have been volunteers themselves, so they’re ready to answer your questions, big or small.

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What will I gain from a short term volunteer opportunity abroad?

Volunteering abroad is an exciting and different way to make the most of a short break. We understand that time may not be on your side and you can only volunteer abroad for a week or two. You can still achieve a lot during your short term trip. Expect to: 

  • Boost your resume for future academic or job applications
  • Challenge yourself in a real-world work setting that will give you global experience
  • Enhance new skills such as team-building, communication, planning and independence 
  • Develop your understanding of the challenges that different countries face
  • Make new friendships from all over the world

Get a step ahead in your education or career, expand your resume, and let us help you discover what you’re capable of.

A short term nursing volunteer abroad assists during an outreach.

Short Term Service Trips

We run fixed-date service trips with set itineraries to help you make the most out of a short time abroad. These itineraries balance service work with exploring the country you’re in. You’ll also participate in cultural activities, as well as social events and weekend trips. 

You can join:

  • High School Specials: Make a difference with other teenagers from around the world. These programs are available for ages 15-18.
  • Team Trips: If you’re 18 years or older, you’ll work with like-minded volunteers to address a specific issue together. We offer Team Trips throughout the year, including spring break and the winter holiday season. 
  • Grown-Up Specials: It’s never too late to volunteer. Volunteers over the age of 50 can immerse themselves in the culture of another country through meaningful volunteer work. Make the most of a short term volunteering abroad trip for older people.

The whole two weeks was a beautiful, fun, rewarding experience. I often find myself wishing to be back! - Alice W, Childcare & Community High School Special in Ghana


Will I make an impact when I volunteer abroad short term?

Yes, you will. Each year, thousands of people from all walks of life travel with us. They focus on helping global communities and our planet. Your volunteer or internship program will do the same. 

Your short term volunteer work abroad will also be guided by our management plans, childcare policies, and conservation guidelines. You can be certain that a 1 or 2-week volunteer trip with us will contribute to sustainable and long-term solutions. 

Read our blog about short-term volunteering abroad and how you can really make a difference with the time you have

A short term volunteer teaching abroad takes a photo with her students in Jamaica

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