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Summer Volunteer Programs for College Students

A college student volunteers abroad with children on a Care project during her summer in Ethiopia

College is a time for discovery and challenge, both inside and outside the classroom. Projects Abroad offers exciting summer programs for college students of all ages. From undergraduates to medical students, we have volunteer and internship opportunities that can support any degree.

What sort of volunteer programs can a college student do during the summer?

The opportunities are endless! Our standard placements, which are generally the best option for college students, run all year long including throughout the summer. Volunteers and interns can select their own start date and duration. Just about anything you see on the website can be done as a summer program. Check out our standard Volunteer Abroad and Intern Abroad placements to see all the opportunities available.

What are the benefits of volunteering during the summer?

A group of college students spends their summer volunteering on Microfinance in Senegal

Overall, summer is our most popular period, especially for college students. We find that university students tend to do best in the summer for a number of reasons:

Volunteer Community: College students volunteering over the summer have a huge volunteer community to connect with. We generally have 20-400 volunteers in each country, each month during the summer.

Length of Placement: Most college students can dedicate a longer period of time in the summer (1-4 months) to volunteering rather than just a week or two during the school year. This can make a significant impact in your experience.

A Goal to Work Toward: Whether you are planning to fundraise or work to fund your summer volunteer program, you’ll have an important, life-changing goal to focus your efforts on.

Will a summer volunteer program be useful for me as a college student?

Summer volunteering is a great way for college students to gain real-life international experience. Some of the most important benefits of volunteering abroad as a college student include:

  • Building upon your college classes with real-world experience
  • Boosting your resume
  • Gaining college credit
  • Making new international friends and colleagues
  • Taking part in a different, non-tourism form of travel

Spend your summer vacation doing something that you’ll never forget!

Head over to our Volunteer Reviews section to read testimonials from former college students on summer volunteer programs with Projects Abroad.

If you are a High School Student, please visit our Summer Volunteer Programs for High School Students page.

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