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Volunteer Abroad for Recent College Graduates

A recent graduate works with a patient at his physical therapy internship in Samoa.

Many of our volunteers come to us having just completed undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. This is an ideal time of life to do a Volunteer Abroad or Intern Abroad program.

For the volunteer, this time in his or her life is a crossroads between full-time education and a future career. Volunteering overseas can provide both a change of pace and scenery while giving additional skills and work experience that stand out in job applications and interviews.

For Projects Abroad and our partner organizations - the schools, universities, care centers, hospitals, and businesses that we work with in the developing world - recent graduates are important because they bring knowledge, skills, and life experience when they sign up to volunteer.  This background increases the breadth and depth of responsibilities available to the volunteer at the project.  In fact, we see many recent graduates go on to work overseas in some capacity once they have left our project.

Volunteering Overseas Post-College

Frequently, our recent graduate volunteers come to us having never taken a gap year, and often find that they have no set career path mapped out after leaving college. They have usually been studying hard while their friends have disappeared to far-flung exotic destinations, returning with exciting stories of their adventures.

If this sounds like you, there is no better time than now to take advantage of the opportunities available to you. You could volunteer on a Projects Abroad placement as a prelude to your travels, spending a few months living and working in one of our many destinations, before packing your bags and seeing what the rest of the region has to offer. And who knows, perhaps your post-college gap year could open new doors and set you down an exciting career path you had never even considered!

Projects Abroad placements can fit easily into your plans as a recent graduate. You can choose what you want to do, where you want to go, how long you want to volunteer for, and when you want to start.

Meet one of our Recent Graduate Volunteers

Cory Alexander Johnson shares his experience of working on a Medicine project in Ghana after graduating university“After graduating from university, I wanted to work abroad and experience the diverse cultures of the world. I came upon the amazing benefits and unique opportunities provided by Projects Abroad and decided to travel to Ghana to pursue my interest in becoming a doctor. I got to understand the culture and life of Ghanaians by living with a local family and interacting with colleagues at the hospital in which I was based. I always felt safe and comfortable knowing Projects Abroad was backing me, giving me that extra sense of well-being, even in a new and foreign place. I will never forget my experience and the immense amount of both medical and cultural knowledge I gained while on my placement. Traveling with Projects Abroad is a chance that shouldn’t be missed.”

Cory Alexander Johnson
Medicine in Ghana

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