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Volunteering and Internships Abroad for Recent Graduates

A group of recent gradutes volunteering abroad identify butterflies at the Conservation Project in Costa RicaAs a recent graduate, there are multiple options available to you if you want to do something different. With Projects Abroad, you can give back by volunteering abroad, or gain practical work experience on an international internship. You can join after graduating high school, or after completing your undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Our programs can fit into any schedule. You choose how long you want to travel for, and when you want to start and finish.

Volunteering Abroad for Recent Graduates

If you have no set career path after high school or college, you can consider taking time off to volunteer overseas as a recent graduate. Many people use this time to think about what they really want to do, and to experience a change of pace and scenery. Some of the recent graduates who come to us are also interested in gap years after high school or college.  

We offer various volunteer projects, like Childcare, Conservation, Building, Archaeology, Teaching, and more. Each one gives you the opportunity to give back and learn new skills. The skills you learn, like planning or leadership, will help you in any career you want to pursue.

Internships Abroad for Recent Graduates

A recent graduate works with a patient at his physical therapy internship in Samoa.Doing an international internship as a recent graduate is a great way to add to add practical work experience to your resume. You can apply your knowledge and skills to real-world situations, and start networking with professionals around the world. It also gives you a chance to travel and explore, something you may have missed out on during your studies. 

Many of our previous interns have also used this experience to make job applications stand out, and spoken about it in interviews. 

We have a range of internships abroad for you, in fields like Medicine and Healthcare, Law and Human Rights, Microfinance, and more. You can choose to intern in a completely new field, or select the field that you studied.

An international internship has the potential to open many doors for you. In fact, you may even go on to work overseas in some capacity once you have finished your project. You never know, your project could send you down an exciting career path you never even considered before! 

If you need advice about which project and country to choose, contact us. Our Program Advisors have a lot of experience helping recent graduates from all backgrounds find the perfect program. You can also read reviews from previous recent graduates who traveled with us.

Meet one of our Recent Graduate Volunteers

Cory Alexander Johnson shares his experience of working on a Medicine project in Ghana after graduating university“After graduating from university, I wanted to work abroad and experience the diverse cultures of the world. I came upon the amazing benefits and unique opportunities provided by Projects Abroad and decided to travel to Ghana to pursue my interest in becoming a doctor. I got to understand the culture and life of Ghanaians by living with a local family and interacting with colleagues at the hospital in which I was based. I always felt safe and comfortable knowing Projects Abroad was backing me, giving me that extra sense of well-being, even in a new and foreign place. I will never forget my experience and the immense amount of both medical and cultural knowledge I gained while on my placement. Traveling with Projects Abroad is a chance that shouldn’t be missed.”

Cory Alexander Johnson
Medicine in Ghana

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