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Volunteer Abroad during Spring Break

Turn your spring break into a volunteer adventure by traveling abroad and becoming part of our ongoing efforts to make a real difference. It’s also an opportunity for you to discover more of what you’re capable of during your short break.During spring break, we offer various
Volunteer Abroad for College Students

College is a time for discovery and challenge, both inside and outside the classroom. Make the most of your college years by volunteering abroad or joining an international internship and make travel part of your university experience. Whatever your motivation
Group Volunteer Trips

Become part of a set team and tackle a new challenge together
Service Learning Abroad

Take a break from the textbooks and learn by doing. Make service-learning part of your education and volunteer abroad with Projects Abroad.Service learning and volunteering have a lot in common. You go into communities to help people solve problems. You learn new skills
Combination Trips

Our Combination Trips give you the opportunity to volunteer around the world by letting you choose more than one trip as a single package. You can combine two different projects in one country, or travel to more than one country and volunteer across a range of projects. Our volun
Global Gap Year Abroad

Join us on our Global Gap Year program, starting every September. This is an incredible opportunity that takes you to five different countries around the world in 27 weeks. At the same time, you’ll become part of ongoing efforts to support local communities.From childcare in Gh
Short Term Volunteer Trips Abroad

You can make a difference abroad on one of our short term service trips. With Projects Abroad, you’ll become part of our ongoing efforts to support local communities, even if your trip is only two weeks long. The combined efforts of our volunteers go a long way in helping other
Flexible Trips & Volunteer Projects

A flexible project that gives you the support and independence you need as you volunteer
High school volunteer opportunities abroad: What’s the journey really like?

Are you ready to take a step out of your comfort zone, push your boundaries, and do something extraordinary over your summer break? Then our High School Specials are for you!But what is a High School Special?High School Specials are set volunteer trips abroad organized specifical
Professional Volunteering Abroad and Career Breaks

Use your experience and skills to actively make a difference as a professional volunteer with Projects Abroad. As a professional, you’ll work toward the long-term, sustainable goals we’ve set at all of our projects. You won’t just be part of a quick fix.If you're interested

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