Volunteers stand on top of the rainforest canopy in Peru.

What is an alternative spring break?

Meet new people and make an impact this March

By Projects Abroad | 22nd December, 2023
Updated on 02nd January, 2024

What is an alternative spring break?

If you’re reading this, you might be wondering what is an alternative spring break? It’s simple. It offers the typical spring break experience — fun, meeting new people — but it combines travel and impact too. 

It caters to college students looking to escape the ordinary while enjoying their time off and learning new skills. It’s about as far away from the crowded bars and beaches of Miami as you could hope for. 

Here at Projects Abroad, we specialize in volunteer service trips outside of the United States. When you volunteer abroad with us you’ll also be improving lives in places like Peru, Mexico, and Jamaica.

Keep reading to discover some alternative spring break ideas or get in touch to discuss your options. 

The benefits of volunteering during spring break

Don’t waste your time, invest it… use your precious time off to do something truly unforgettable and come home with some real stories. 

When you volunteer abroad, you’ll benefit both personally and professionally, and still have fun doing it.

You’ll make a difference by contributing to positive change as you step outside of your comfort zone to meet new people and learn new skills. 

When you swap the party culture for a whole new culture, you’ll gain new insight into how other people live while learning more about global issues. 

Volunteer travel is not just about impact and lifelong memories, it is also about boosting your resume. You'll pick up new leadership qualities and get practical experience related to your chosen studies, career, or interests. 

Finally, it demonstrates your commitment to being socially responsible, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Alternative spring break destinations

We have three destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean. With just one week to spare, it is important that you spend less time traveling and more time being there.

Choose from the following service projects:

Rainforest Conservation in Peru

Starting March 10/17, invest your time living and working in the Amazon rainforest.

You'll support the Peruvian Forestry and Wildlife Protection Agency to measure, protect, and rehabilitate wild animals.

Protect animals in Peru > 

Public Health in Mexico or Peru

Starting March 3/10 (Mexico) and March 10/17 (Peru), invest your time shadowing professionals to gain real-world medical knowledge and practical experience. 

You’ll have the opportunity to improve your Spanish and support the health of people in underserved communities. 

Volunteer in Mexico > | Volunteer in Peru >

Volunteering with Children in Jamaica

Starting March 10, invest your time supporting teachers and focusing on the development of young children. 

You’ll work with other students to create fun and engaging activities and improve learning environments through renovation work. 

Work alongside children in Jamaica >

A meaningful spring break

Still reading? Sounds like you might enjoy the combination of community service and conscious travel. 

If you like the sound of these spring break ideas, visit our Alternative Spring Break page or complete the form below.

One of our dedicated Project Experts will be in touch to help you choose the best break for you. 

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