A volunteer from a corporate group trip helps a child wash his hands in Sri Lanka.

Corporate Group Volunteering Trips

Custom Volunteer Group Programs for Corporations

Projects Abroad offers a wide variety of projects for corporate groups to get involved around the world. Our aim is to take the pressure off your organization by arranging safe, rewarding, and enjoyable trips for anything from 5-100 employees.

We've been specializing in arranging volunteer placements in the developing world since our founding in 1992. Over the last few decades, we've sent over 115,000 volunteers from around the world to hundreds of different projects in destinations around the world. Volunteering abroad as part of a group has grown dramatically during that time. 

A corporate volunteering group trip provides great benefits to a community in a developing country. In addition, it generates business value in the form of increased employee engagement and opportunities for team-building.

Watch the video below to gain insight into a group of colleagues' experience of volunteering in South Africa:

The Benefits of Corporate Volunteering

Various recent studies have shown that employees are moving away from chasing higher wages. Instead, they're increasingly looking for meaning within their work and ways in which they can give back and make a positive impact. 

Employees feel happiest and are most likely to stay within a company that:

  • Is forward-thinking
  • Is aligned to their values
  • Cultivates teamwork
  • Provides opportunities for development
  • Creates an environment in which every employee feels motivated and encouraged to play a positive role in making a real impact

There are plenty of ways in which companies provide this for their employees but one tried and tested method is through group volunteer trips. Not only does it allow employees the opportunity to get out into communities and give back in a variety of ways, but it also gives them the chance to learn new skills and form close bonds with colleagues that they may not have had the opportunity to get to know properly yet. It can also work incredibly well as an incentive or a reward for the hardest working employees each year.

In a nutshell:

  • Companies benefit through motivated employees, and improved brand and reputation
  • Employees benefit though new skills development, an improved ability to work with people from different cultures, and better communication skills
  • Local communities benefit from the new skills they learned and the services that have been provided by the corporate volunteers

Ideas for Corporate Group Trips

For corporate groups, we recommend:

  • Building Projects – Build homes or a classroom, library, or sports facilities for a school
  • Childcare & Community Projects – Renovate a childcare center and help teach critical Early Childhood Development Skills
  • Conservation Projects – Do your bit to protect the environment while being at the forefront of scientific research

Community involvement is a crucial part of corporate citizenship. Employee volunteers are perhaps the greatest asset companies can leverage when trying to have a positive impact in local communities worldwide. It's the employees themselves who strengthen corporate citizenship from the inside out with compassion, innovative ideas, and unparalleled energy.

We can organize the perfect volunteer group project for your company. It can be for as short as one week to as long as three months, it's entirely up to you!

Corporate Social Responsibility

The new phase of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has kicked-in and has evolved drastically over the last 30 years. Companies around the world are now taking greater responsibility for their effects on environmental and social well-being. International corporate volunteering is an integral component of CSR. The implementation of employee engagement through volunteering goes a step beyond sending donations to environmental and humanitarian projects and charities.

Some companies have begun sending groups of employees to help volunteer around the world every year, whether it's through a lottery, a sign-up and selection process, or as a reward for its highest performing staff members. The results of this repeated process year on year results in better company engagement, increased levels of pride and satisfaction within the company and its staff members, and an overall sense of achievement.

What's included?

Our How It Works page provides a full list of everything that we include in all of our projects, such as food, accommodation, transport, and much more. We include these so that planning, preparing, and completing your project is as easy as possible.

However, groups that travel together on a trip also get other benefits included. These are to ensure that everyone has an unforgettable experience and that they get the most out of their time abroad. These include:

  • One free place for every nine colleagues that travel
  • Team building opportunities, cultural events, and weekend excursions included throughout your time abroad
  • A project that is designed for what you want to achieve
  • A comprehensive information pack
  • We can give a presentation to your colleagues so that everyone is informed and can have their questions answered
  • A full risk assessment will be carried out prior to every trip
  • We’ll provide any documentation and information that your company might need
  • We will support you and the group from application to departure
  • You’ll have your own dedicated Group Coordinator providing support throughout your trip
  • We can provide fundraising ideas and advice for visas, where applicable
  • We can handle any donations that individuals or the company might like to make following the trip through our foundation
  • We can arrange flight quotes and book flight tickets for you
  • Projects Abroad provides a comprehensive induction and orientation upon arrival

What do others have to say?

"We were very happy with the result of our building work on the trip. We really enjoyed interacting with the kids, getting a section of the site fully completed, and exploring what Kathmandu had to offer. Everyone in the team made a significant contribution on the project and arrived home with memorable experiences to ponder and share.

It was an amazing trip, the children and people were so positive and generous. How they live and get on with life was so inspiring. We don’t know how lucky and fortunate we really are."

- Chris Badcock - Team Leader, SmithCorp Charitable Trust, Nepal 2016

"If you’re thinking about extending your community service programmes, I strongly recommend an overseas international sabbatical programme and I would definitely recommend giving Projects Abroad a call."

- John Warner – Pearson Foundation

"As soon as I saw the application, I was dying to apply. The twelve of us came together from all over the world; we didn’t know each other before we arrived and we have formed a really unique bond over this project. A lot of us come from first world countries and have never seen this kind of poverty before so a lot of us had a wide variety of emotions when we first arrived. But Dean, our building manager, has been absolutely spectacular at making us all feel so comfortable."

- Carine Kinch – Pearson Education Canada

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