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Teen Volunteer Abroad: High School Specials

Volunteer opportunities for High School Students during school breaks

Teens 15 to 18 years old who are interested in helping developing communities abroad can join other students from around the globe on Projects Abroad’s High School Special programs. Lasting two to four weeks, these teen volunteer abroad programs are designed for young adults to make the most of a short time abroad while contributing to community service credit requirements or college applications.

Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer Abroad infographic

Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer Abroad infographic

We are one of the oldest and the most reputable volunteer organizations and are committed to ensuring that our young volunteers feel safe and supported at all times. Each volunteer project follows a schedule of taught sessions, hands-on and observational service work, as well as evening activities and weekend excursions, all under the constant guidance of our team of dedicated staff.

Read more about the structure of High School Specials, learn how travel arrangements work, and explore below the variety of High School Special projects available to find the right project for you.

Every year, thousands of High School Special volunteers actively make a difference around the world. During their time abroad, they contribute towards achieving long-term goals and make a long-lasting positive impact on the communities where they work. If you want to know more about their achievements, read our 2017 High School Specials Impact Report.

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Projects Starting April 14th 2019
Projects Starting July 7th 2019
Building & French in Senegal (2 Weeks) Care & Community Village Project in Fiji (2 Weeks & 4 Weeks) Care & Community in Cambodia (2 Weeks) Care & Community in Ghana (2 Weeks & 3 Weeks & 4 Weeks) Care & Community in Kenya (2 Weeks) Care & Community in Madagascar (2 Weeks) Care & Community in Nepal (2 Weeks) Care & Community in Senegal (2 Weeks & 4 Weeks) Care & Community in South Africa (2 Weeks & 4 Weeks) Care & Community in Tanzania (2 Weeks & 4 Weeks) Care & Community in Vietnam (2 Weeks) Care & Conservation in Ecuador (2 Weeks) Conservation & Community in Thailand (2 Weeks) Conservation & Spanish in Mexico (2 Weeks) Conservation in Costa Rica (2 Weeks & 3 Weeks) Conservation in Thailand (4 Weeks) Dentistry in Sri Lanka (2 Weeks & 3 Weeks) General Building Projects in Nepal (2 Weeks) General Building Projects in Tanzania (2 Weeks) Human Rights in Ghana (2 Weeks & 4 Weeks) Human Rights in South Africa (2 Weeks) Law & Business in China (2 Weeks) Medicine & Spanish in Bolivia (2 Weeks) Medicine in Ghana (2 Weeks & 3 Weeks & 4 Weeks) Medicine in Nepal (2 Weeks) Medicine in Peru (4 Weeks) Medicine in Philippines (2 Weeks) Medicine in Sri Lanka (2 Weeks & 3 Weeks) Medicine in Tanzania (2 Weeks & 4 Weeks) Physical Therapy in Nepal (2 Weeks) Public Health in Cambodia (2 Weeks & 3 Weeks & 4 Weeks) Public Health in Mexico (2 Weeks) Rainforest Conservation & Community in Madagascar (2 Weeks & 4 Weeks) Shark Conservation in Fiji (2 Weeks) Soccer in Ghana (2 Weeks) Tropical Dry Forest Conservation & Community in Costa Rica (4 Weeks)

For more information on our High School Specials Trips, please tune in to one of our upcoming High School Specials webinars, interactive online presentations by US and Canadian staff.

You can also view a previously recorded High School Specials webinar.

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