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A group of college students on a service project interact with local people at a traditional village in Kenya, Africa

Projects Abroad has extensive experience working with college and university students since our founding in 1992, including many custom service-learning programs for groups of students from the same class, university department, or fellowship programs.

We have a range of projects that are directly relevant to undergraduate and postgraduate subjects and can provide a group of students with a valuable educational experience not available on campus. We work with universities to ensure we can arrange a program that fits their specific educational and institutional requirements so students can receive credit for their time abroad.

College students can volunteer year-round at any time, as well as during the summer and winter vacation.

Planning a service learning trip for a group of university students

A group of college pre-med students volunteering together on a medical service project

University groups can choose from any of our Volunteer Abroad and Intern Abroad projects.

Our Conservation & Environment Projects are perfect for Geography, Zoology, Biology, or Marine Biology students who are looking to get some practical experience out in the field. Those pursuing English or Media Studies will flourish on one of our Journalism internships.

Our Sports projects are a great way for Sports and Sports Medicine students to gain experience of sports development. We have placements for Creative & Performing Arts students and Language Courses for students interested in cultural immersion, not to mention a host of Medicine & Healthcare placements for aspiring doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, midwives, and dentists, as well as many others!

Suggested projects for college & university groups:

Sports Teams Medical Groups Corporate Groups Corporate Groups

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