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Conservation and Environment in Cambodia: Monthly Updates

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Monthly Updates from 2013

Conservation in Cambodia - Monthly Update November - December 2013

When the weather made it difficult to dive in the seahorse study area, everyone was more than excited to go diving at the reef sites and help out our long-term volunteer, Niki, with some Nudibranch research. The volunteers were also responsible for a hive of activity at the Khmer school; cleaning, painting, demolishing, and rebuilding the classrooms to give the school a much needed revamp!

Conservation in Cambodia - Monthly Update July 2013

New arrivals to the project are keen to be trained and become part of the survey team, as the dives are exciting and the work rewarding. All our 2 Week Special volunteers got involved as much as possible in the limited time available and gelled well with our long term volunteers.

Conservation in Cambodia - Monthly Update January 2013

In January, the volunteers surveyed 31 seahorse sites. We continued to monitor reef sites as well as continuously training new volunteers. The playground wall was completed and construction on the playground itself has begun. The volunteers were all very excited about this and were motivated for the work to continue. Work also started on an incinerator for the village. The windy weather has kept the volunteers busy with beach cleans.

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