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Volunteer Abroad with Children and Adults with Special Needs

Volunteering abroad with Special Needs children and adults can be one of the most worthwhile and life-changing experiences you can take part in. In many developing countries, individuals with special needs are often overlooked by the government. Centers for those with special needs are sometimes responsible for taking care of dozens of individuals, many of whom will live there for much of their life. Working within these facilities can be a demanding yet incredibly rewarding challenge.

What can I expect on a Special Needs placement?

Volunteer Abroad with Children with Special Needs in Vietnam

Special Needs work can be based in a number of different types of settings including care homes for people with mental and physical disabilities, schools for handicapped individuals, and orphanages with special needs units. As you might expect, staff at these facilities are overworked and unable to provide individual care. Our volunteers fill in this gap by being a second pair of hands for the busy staff.

As a volunteer, you’ll assist in improving the children's competence and awareness in social areas, such as understanding and following the rules of society, adjusting their behavior to the situation, problem solving and understanding others. While your work may still revolve around games and education, you’ll be giving children with Special Needs the skills to help them live independently in the future.

Work with Special Needs individuals in Cambodia

In some cases, you may be working with older, more independent individuals. In this case, you may be helping young adults to develop occupational skills or interact with their employers more effectively.

You can work with Special Needs individuals in Argentina, Bolivia, Cambodia, China, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Fiji, Ghana, Jamaica, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Samoa, South Africa, Tanzania, Togo, and Vietnam.

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