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Volunteer in a Kindergarten or Care Center Abroad

As a volunteer in a Kindergarten or Care Center, you’ll be providing emotional and educational support to underprivileged children around the world. Volunteers help to run fun educational activities such as art classes, English lessons and games, singing and dancing, sports, and more. Your role will be to assist the local staff in developing stimulating new ideas to engage young minds. Any encouragement you can offer goes a long way toward building a child’s self esteem and confidence.

Volunteer work within Care Center and Kindergartens fits into our goal for our projects with children to be structured around community-based care. Most of these placements have a smaller number of children to support and a specific schedule to follow throughout the day. Input and new ideas from volunteers are still greatly appreciated though!

Volunteer in Kindergarten in Senegal

It’s important to remember that children, no matter what type of placement they spend their day in, are all in-need of support from volunteers. There isn’t one group of children that is more deserving than another.

Kindergarten Volunteering Abroad

Volunteers working in Kindergartens spend much of their time running educational games and activities. In addition to paying each child individual attention, your role will be to make learning fun and interesting. Encouragement and attention at a young age make a huge difference in the life of a growing child.

You can expect to work with children from around 4-6 years old. These children are just beginning their educational career. Knowledgeable teachers combined with the energy and enthusiasm of volunteers help to set them on the right track.

You can work with children in a Kindergarten setting in Belize, Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Fiji, Kenya, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Peru, Philippines, Samoa, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, and Vietnam.

Volunteering in a Care Center Abroad

Volunteer abroad at a care center with Projects Abroad.

Care Centers are similar to what you might consider a day care in the US. They provide education and a safe, nurturing space for children to spend the day while their parents are working. Most of these placements are either provided to the community for free or for a small fee to cover the cost of meals and staff at the center.

Children at a Care Center can span a wide range of ages. In many cases, you’ll work with younger children (2-6 years old) throughout the day and older children (7-14) in the afternoons once they are out of school. You’ll often have a specific schedule to follow and targeted activities to take part in. However, volunteers that can take initiative and engage the children in new, valuable activities are always appreciated!

Work specifically in Care Centers can be done in Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, GhanaJamaica, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Samoa, Senegal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, and Togo.

Check out some reviews from our former Care volunteers to get a better sense of what it is like to volunteer in a Kindergarten or Care Center.

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