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Law & Human Rights Internships in Asia

Projects Abroad Law intern has a discussion with a client in China, Asia

A Law and Human Rights Internship in East Asia and Southeast Asia is a unique way to see an entirely different side of the East while getting invaluable international work experience.

As a Law and Human Rights intern in Asia, you will be placed in either a law firm or a human rights organization. You’ll be expected to work about 40 hours per week, and can anticipate a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. Take the opportunity to ask questions, make your own recommendations, or explain practices back home. Your adaptability and willingness to learn will be appreciated by your colleagues, enabling you to truly engage yourself as an active member of the team.

An internship in Law and Human Rights offers a unique cross-cultural exchange that will enhance your résumé and increase your prospects within these highly competitive fields. From working in the labor department of the Community Legal Education Center in Cambodia to writing legal opinions for law firms in Mongolia, you’ll be developing a unique portfolio of work.

Internships Opportunities for Law & Human Rights in East Asia

Our Law and Human Rights interns work in some of the most influential and well-established legal institutes and human rights centers in East Asia. Some of the most immediate issues deal with domestic violence, child protection, women’s rights, and legal writing. Law Internships in East Asia are available in China and Mongolia . Human Rights internships can be done in Mongolia .

Human Rights Internships in Southeast Asia

Male volunteer at the Law & Human Rights office in one of the Projects Abroad placements in Asia

Human Rights issues in Southeast Asia are some of the pressing in the world. Topics such as child trafficking, HIV prevention and rights, housing rights, and anti-eviction are of the utmost importance. Our interns work tirelessly to raise awareness of these issues and promote permanent change. Human Rights internships in Southeast Asia can be undertaken in Cambodia.

Law Internships for High School Students

Volunteers that are still in High School should look into our Law and Business Internship in China. This program allows you to gain unrivalled experience in the field while experiencing a new culture with other volunteers around your age.

You can find more information on each of the Law and Human Rights internships in Asia below.

Law & Human Rights Projects in Asia:

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