Referral Program

You tell your friends, we give you all a discount

Looking to explore the world with friends and family? Maybe you just know someone who might also be interested in volunteering, interning, or studying abroad?

Our Referral Program lets you share your travel adventures and save money at the same time!

Here's how it works:

  • You tell your friends and family about your incredible travel plans with us.
  • They say “hey that sounds interesting - can I come too?”
  • We give you and your friend $350 to split between you off the cost of your trips. That’s $175 each - nice!

But wait, there’s more:

  • Want to travel solo? Your friends don't have to join you on the same trip or even book at the same time.  Just point them in our direction and if they find an option they like, we’re good to go!
  • Too popular? The more the merrier - have $350 per person referred! If you have two friends interested, that’s $700 to split between you. Three friends? $1,050 is yours. 147 friends? We’ve got a calculator somewhere!
  • Parents want to get involved? That works too! Ask them to spread the word on their Facebook groups. If they know other parents, chances are they’d be interested in hearing about Projects Abroad. Send them our way and you all share in the savings!

The boring small print

We’re pretty sure this is the most generous referral program you’ll find, but we do have a few terms and conditions:

  • The Referral Program is for new participants who haven’t been in touch with us before.  If your friend has already contacted us, unfortunately they won’t count.
  • This is for people who do actually want to travel with us. That means you can’t just get 30 people to book and then cancel once you get the discount (we know you’d never do that).  If your friend cancels, you won’t get the discount.
  • This program can’t be combined with any other special offers. Sometimes we’ll run seasonal promotions like “book by this date for $100 off” etc. If we’re running one of those at the time you book, you’ll need to choose if you want this Referral Program or the promotion. Our team can advise and make sure you get the best one, though!
  • This is for individuals travelling with us, not group trips. We regularly organize official high school and university group trips. These groups get custom prices just for their trip, so this Referral Program won’t apply for them.

Ready to embark on your next adventure with friends and family?  Contact us today to learn more about our Referral Program and start planning your dream trip together!

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