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Alumni Raffle

Be in with a chance to win a $130 voucher!

What is the Alumni Raffle?

Here at Projects Abroad, we love to hear the memories and stories of volunteers. As an extra incentive to share your experiences, we're holding a competition for a $130 alumni voucher for you or a friend to use on your next project!

How does it work?

Every review written between March 27th and April 7th 2023 will be added to the raffle. 

There are many review sites you can use to share your memories. We encourage you to share your story far and wide! However, this raffle will focus on leaving a Google review.

Make sure you write your full name on the review so we can trace it back to you. Or make it clear which dates and destination you traveled to if you're just sharing your first name online.

How the winner is chosen

During the week beginning April 10th 2023, the name of each reviewer will be added to a list. A name will be selected at random from this list. The winner will be notified that week.

The winner will receive a Projects Abroad voucher worth $130. This voucher can be shared with someone else if you don't intend to use it.

For any questions about the Alumni Raffle, contact our alumni team at alumni@projects-abroad.org.

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