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Volunteer for your Gap Year Abroad

Impact young lives through care and educational development during a gap year abroad

Make your gap year one to remember and use the year to volunteer abroad or participate in an international internship with Projects Abroad. Every year, we see more and more high school graduates exchanging traditional classrooms for a far bigger one during their gap years – the world itself. It is also becoming increasingly popular for students to take what is a called a "glide year" after college, before jumping into a job.

You can choose from a volunteer abroad program or join an international internship, or combine different programs for a customized gap year experience. For a more rounded and organized experience, look at our Global Gap program.

Gap Year Programs Abroad: What You Can Do

We work in more than 30 developing countries. Each country faces a different set of challenges and our goal is to identify the most important ones and take steps to address these issues through our programs. We can help you select the gap year program(s) that fit you best. If you are customizing your own gap year, we recommend choosing from a standard project, like:

Two gap year students record patient information during a medical outreach in Sri Lanka

These examples just scrape the surface of how you can get involved, and how you can make an impact during your gap year abroad. We have hundreds of gap year programs and internships in various fields – you just need to pick one, or two, or three to make up your gap year abroad. The choice is yours when it comes to choosing when to start and finish one of our standard programs and you can travel anywhere from one week to a full year.

Global Gap: Gap Year Volunteering Abroad with a Group

Our Global Gap program takes you to five different countries over eight months, and lets you experience a range of volunteer and internship areas, from helping teachers improve their English in Peru, to exploring and protecting endangered coral reefs in Thailand. You travel with other students around your age and we organize everything for you, from accommodation to flights. 

Reasons to Volunteer Abroad on a Gap Year Program

Make a tangible impact on a community during a gap year abroad

We have highlighted a few reasons how volunteering abroad during your gap year can be a positive life decision.

1. Choose a career path

Many students dream for years about their future careers, but sometimes hesitate when the time comes to select a major for a college. Use your gap year to test your skills in a particular field and discover if it works for you.

2. Gain practical experience

Our projects and internships allow you to work in a professional work environment to gain practical experience. This helps boost resumes and college or job applications, giving you an edge over competition.

3. Learn about the developing world

We work in the developing world, and our projects are based in communities where the local traditions, culture, and way of living are different to America. Spend time in a different environment to broaden your social and cultural horizons.

4. Travel and see the world

A gap year can be the best time of your life to travel and discover some of what the world has to offer. Before settling into a routine job or further education, volunteer and become an international citizen, take part in daily life activities in a different country, discover a country’s beauty, experience its cultures, and most importantly, make a positive difference.

A gap year abroad is for everyone, including students deferring college for a year, those who feel burned out and need a break before starting university, or those who want to reapply for college after traveling (especially if you weren’t accepted into your preferred college or haven’t decided on a major).

Gap Year Volunteering with Projects Abroad

Use your gap year with Projects Abroad to explore the world before starting college. We support you every step of the way, and our gap year program fees take details like insurance and accommodation into consideration.

If you have any questions about planning a gap year abroad, let us know! You can send us an email or call us, or chat online with our friendly Program Advisors.

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