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Summer Volunteer Programs for High School Students

Every year, thousands of High School students make the decision to invest in a life-changing summer volunteer program. Projects Abroad is a leader in providing safe, educational, and eye-opening experiences to young volunteers. A summer volunteer program is a great way for high school students to experience the world in a whole new way.

What summer volunteer programs are available for High School Students?

High School Students dancing with locals on a Summer Volunteer program with Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad offers a number of dynamic and exciting summer opportunities for high school students.

  • High School Specials: These are group trips designed specifically for high school students. The programs run on specific dates throughout the summer months for either 2 or 4 weeks. They offer extra supervision and support as well as a group-oriented atmosphere. High Schools Specials are perfect for younger volunteers and first-time travelers looking to do something meaningful during their summer vacation!
  • Standard Placements: Our standard volunteer and internships program are open to volunteers 16 and older. These placements run all year round, including throughout the summer and can be done for almost any amount of time. These placements are generally best for volunteers that have traveled independently before.

Why should I volunteer over the summer?

While we welcome volunteers at any time of year, summer is the perfect time for High School students to do a volunteer program abroad. Here are a few reasons why the summer months are ideal:

Convenience: In many cases, summer is the only period that High School students have an extended period of time available to go abroad. Projects Abroad makes it easy to put that time to good use.

Variety: We have more programs available in the summer than any other time of year. In particular, our High School Specials are offered in over 20 of our destinations and each type of program offers multiple session dates. No matter what, you’ll be able to find a summer volunteer program to match your interests and busy schedule.

Other Volunteers: This is the most popular time of year for young people and high school students are sure to meet plenty of other volunteers around the same age.

Extra Staff Support: Due to the increase in numbers, we have extra, expertly trained staff in place to adequately support and guide our younger volunteers.

What will I gain from a summer volunteer program?

High School students Travel while Volunteering on a Summer Program with Projects Abroad

Volunteer work is one of the best ways to explore your world and further your education. Here are some of the many benefits for High School students volunteering abroad over the summer:

  • Have a Completely Unique Summer Experience
  • Meet New Friends
  • Take Part on Worthwhile Work
  • Gain Community Service Credit
  • Boost your Resume
  • Find inspiration for College Essays

Check out some reviews from our former pre-university students to get a first-hand glimpse of the kind of experience a summer volunteer program can offer.

If you are a College Student, please visit our Summer Volunteer Programs for College Students page.

Explore how volunteering abroad and interning abroad works with Projects Abroad.

Experience: Over 20 years of organizing overseas volunteer projects.

Flexibility: You choose your start date.

Variety: hundreds of worthwhile projects to choose from.

Support: Full-time staff close-by in every destination.

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