Volunteers discarding traps laid by poachers in South Africa

Why is it important to protect endangered species?

The death of our last northern white rhino and the lifted ban on elephant hunting in Botswana were a few of the many stories that shocked us this year. With this in mind, it’s now more important than ever to take a stand against wildlife poaching.

Although there’s no single action that can be taken to stop it, we can all do something to make it more difficult for poachers in the effort to deter them. By intervening, you can help us protect our wildlife for future generations to come.

As a volunteer, you can assist with the following:

In Kenya and Botswana, you’ll work in a protected reserve, helping qualified, passionate staff with poaching patrols. You’ll remove wire snares, the silent killers in the poacher’s arsenal.

In Mexico, you’ll go on night patrols to spot newly laid sea turtle nests and collect the eggs before poachers get to them. Back at the camp, you’ll bury the eggs in protected nests and help with releasing the turtles once they hatch.

Volunteer helps to remove traps laid by poachers in South Africa

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