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Teen volunteering and internships abroad

Teen volunteering abroad: Make a difference and travel the world!

Travel safely, solve problems, and see the world as a teen volunteer

By Dave Harding | 14th March, 2024

Ever dreamed of traveling the world and making a difference? It’s easy. Keep reading to discover how you can do both. 

With so many teen volunteer abroad providers and programs to choose from, it can be hard to know which international volunteer projects and internships are best for young people. 

At Projects Abroad, we offer life-changing volunteer abroad adventures that are tailor-made for teens aged 15 to 18. 

We call these High School Specials. They are fun, structured, and fully supervised. They emphasize ‘learning by doing’ and take place during the school holidays. 

Here’s what you need to know…

We have dozens of projects for teens all around the world! 

Choose your path:

  • Protecting wildlife: Become a rainforest guardian in Peru, a whale watcher in Argentina, a turtle defender in Sri Lanka, or a shark protector in Fiji.
  • Passionate about healthcare: Get clinical experience whilst increasing access to healthcare in Asia, Africa, or Latin America.
  • Caring for children: Make a positive difference in their education and lives in Cambodia, Ecuador, Ghana, and elsewhere.

Plus, we have projects covering Law and Human Rights, Sports, Building, and lots more. 


This is not just a trip, it’s a transformation

Teen volunteers expoloring Cambodia
  • Unforgettable destinations: Explore incredible places like Fiji, Tanzania, and Nepal.

  • Become a global citizen: Immerse yourself in new cultures and gain a deeper understanding of the world.

  • Safe and supported: We prioritize your safety and wellbeing every step of the way (read our FAQs for parents).

  • Level up your skills: Develop essential life skills like teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

  • Boost your confidence: Step outside your comfort zone to build resilience and independence.

  • Make a real difference: Get involved in projects that directly benefit communities.

  • Unforgettable memories and friendships: Bond with fellow travelers and create friendships beyond borders. These experiences will stay with you forever.

  • Explore and have fun: Sightseeing trips and social activities are included!

Why choose Projects Abroad?

Ready to embark on your own adventure? Keep scrolling to explore our most popular projects! 

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Our most popular projects abroad for teens

Take a look at our most popular volunteer and internship opportunities for teens. You can also explore all projects and destinations here.

Medical Internship in Nepal

Medical Internships are by far our most popular project for teens. If you’re taking your first steps, why not get an Ultimate Guide to Medical Internships Abroad for Teens (it’s free!)?

Here’s what’s on offer:

  • Shadow medical professionals and get 40 service hours.
  • Attend lectures at local teaching hospitals.
  • Gain valuable clinical skills you can't learn in a classroom.
  • Immerse yourself in Nepal's vibrant culture.

This Medical Internship has many benefits, including:

  • Launch your medical journey and see if healthcare is the right fit for you.
  • Make a positive impact by assisting with medical outreaches in local communities.
  • Explore Nepal’s fascinating culture and learn about traditional medicines.
  • Visit Chitwan National Park and spot rhinos in the wild!

This project is perfect for teenagers with a passion for medicine.

Start your medical journey in Nepal with us >

Volunteer with animals in the Amazon Rainforest

Live and work in Peru’s Amazon Rainforest!

Conservation volunteering in the Amazon for teenagers

As a Conservation volunteer, you will:

  • Work alongside conservationists to protect the rainforest's remarkable wildlife.
  • Conduct animal surveys and contribute valuable data to scientific research.
  • Immerse yourself in the heart of the jungle and experience its breathtaking beauty.

Make a lasting impact and discover your inner explorer!

Start your rainforest adventure in Peru >

Protect sharks in Fiji

Ever dreamed of helping to protect sharks in paradise? You’ll love this unique volunteer program in Fiji.

Volunteers protecting sharks

Here's the deal:

This is your chance to make a real difference while having the adventure of a lifetime!

Secure your spot on this epic Shark Protection Project >

Volunteer with children in Cambodia

You’ll work in education settings to support children and teachers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s vibrant capital city. 

Childcare volunteers in Cambodia

In Cambodia, you will:

  • Gain 40+ service hours.
  • Teach children through play.
  • Renovate schools.
  • Discover Cambodia’s history, including learning basic Khmer phrases and visiting Angkor Wat!

You don’t need any experience to join, but you should be interested in working with children. You’ll have Projects Abroad supervisors with you every step of the way.

Protect endangered wildlife in Africa

Ever dreamed of protecting endangered wildlife in Africa? Then, you’ll love our Conservation Project for teens in Kenya.

Giraffes on a Conservation Project in Kenya

Work alongside passionate conservationists to:

  • Help endangered giraffes: Assist researchers and contribute to their survival.
  • Protect ecosystems: Remove invasive plants and build waterholes for animals.
  • Live in the African wilderness: Experience the breathtaking beauty of the savannah.

This program is perfect for teens passionate about wildlife and conservation.

Start your conservation journey in East Africa >

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