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Our top 3 programs for pre-med students

Looking to boost your medical school application? Here’s how!

By Thom Brown | 06th February, 2019
Updated on 19th April, 2024

Dreaming of a career in medicine? It's time to turn your aspirations into action with a transformative Pre-Med Program!

Our programs are your launchpad to success — offering a unique blend of clinical exposure, cultural immersion, and impactful volunteer service.

Keep reading for our Top 3, but first…

What are Pre-Med Programs?

Pre-Med Programs are a gateway to valuable practical experience and personal growth.

Our programs are tailored for ambitious pre-medical students, to the gap between classroom learning and real-world practice. 

They are focused on developing AAMC Core Competencies, giving you the skills insight, and experience to make your medical school application shine!

Our Pre-Med Programs offer:

  • Practical experience: Over 40 hours of physician shadowing hours, 15+ hours of community volunteer service, plus workshops and lectures.
  • Meaningful impact: Contribute to underserved communities through medical outreach programs, increasing access to essential healthcare where it's needed most.
  • Academic success: With structured programs and professional guidance, you'll have more time to focus on your GPA and MCAT scores.
  • Broader perspectives: Broaden your view of healthcare beyond the United States, engage in cultural activities, and foster lifelong friendships.

Already know you want to join a Pre-Med Program but unsure where to go? Read on to discover our three best programs for pre-med students.

1) Pre-Med Program in Peru

Known for the spectacular Andes Mountains and wondrous UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Machu Picchu, Peru has long attracted intrepid explorers. But what if you could combine adventure with furthering your dream of becoming a doctor?

Our Pre-Med Program in Peru offers a unique opportunity to shadow physicians in some of Cusco’s busiest hospitals. Take this chance to learn from the best, immersed in an ancient Peruvian city, surrounded by stunning scenery.

Peru is home to a range of tropical diseases rarely found in the US, including dengue, Zika, respiratory diseases, and malnutrition.

Working on practical medical cases like these will broaden your horizons beyond anything taught at college. Plus, you’ll learn to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients, a sought-after skill back home in the US.

Peru is not just a paradise for adventurers, but it’s also an affordable flight with minimal jetlag. That’s why American pre-med students are flocking to Peru for immersive programs!

Why not join them on a Pre-Med Program in Peru?

Pre-Med interns in Peru

2) Pre-Med Program in Nepal

Ever dreamed of living in a colorful city bursting with spirituality, surrounded by the world’s most dramatic scenery? You may be thinking of Nepal!

Our Pre-Med Program in Nepal takes you to Kathmandu, one of the world’s most exciting cities, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas.

At the same time, Nepal is home to world-class medical professionals that you’ll shadow on a daily basis. Observe how they operate with limited resources in overcrowded hospitals. If you can thrive here, then you’ll surely make it as a doctor in the US.

You’ll experience a broader range of medical conditions in Nepal that are hard to find in American hospitals. Conditions like diarrheal disease, tuberculosis, and cyclosporiasis are more common there. Plus, you may encounter injuries caused by natural disasters like floods and earthquakes.

You’ll have to overcome a unique set of challenges, making you more resilient when it comes to applying for medical school.

Nepal is a bucket-list travel destination for so many people. Now’s your chance to combine a Himalayan adventure with unparalleled medical work experience.

Join our Pre-Med Program in Nepal to take your medical understanding to new heights!

Pre-Med interns in Nepal

3) Pre-Med Program in Tanzania

If you want to escape your comfort zone and experience a culture that’s a world away from your own, then consider visiting Tanzania. This East African country is a hotbed of biodiversity, being home to lions, giraffes, and elephants!

At the same time, Tanzania needs help from medical students to support underserved communities. By joining a Pre-Med Program in Tanzania, you’ll gain crucial medical exposure while helping those in need.

You’ll shadow physicians in a busy hospital in Arusha. There, you’ll learn how they manage with limited resources to get patients the care they need.

Beyond this, you’ll visit Maasai communities to complete medical outreaches. This is a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in their culture, learning lessons on community and simple living.

The Maasai often live in remote areas with limited access to healthcare. You’ll complete health checks, which could be for serious conditions like HIV or malaria.

And if you’re looking for adventure, our Pre-Med Program in Tanzania includes a once-in-a-lifetime safari to the beautiful Tarangire National Park!

Pre-Med intern in Tanzania

Take your medical school application to the next level

Have any of these destinations sparked your interest? Don’t miss this opportunity to turbocharge your medical school application, build AAMC Competencies, and forge friendships across the globe. 

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