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Volunteer and Intern in Ghana

Map of volunteer programs available in Ghana, Western Africa
Volunteer Ghana A volunteer reads a story to children at a Care placement Two Ghanaian students smile for the camera A Public Health intern treats a local during an outreach activity A young medical intern bandages a child’s wounds at an outreach in Ghana
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  • Location: Accra, Akuapem Hills, and Cape Coast
  • Accommodation: Host families
  • Local languages: English & Twi
Country Info

Ghana is one of the most stable and economically advanced countries in Africa, but rural communities are still greatly affected by poverty and lack many modern amenities. The work of Projects Abroad volunteers in these communities is crucial to helping improve the quality of life for many Ghanaians. Our volunteer projects and internships in Ghana are a great place to start for anyone interested in volunteering in Africa, including those on a summer break, gap year, career break, or volunteer vacation.

Although Ghana is a poor country, in recent times it has attracted new money and many Ghanaians are now returning home from abroad, bringing new investment and ideas with them. There are modern areas in large towns, with new buildings and thriving businesses. The country’s infrastructure is improving as a result, but still very much developing.

Once the British colony known as the “Gold Coast,” Ghana is renowned for the friendliness and warmth of its people. Ghana has great beaches, wild savannah, and dense rainforests. The Ashanti – the largest tribe in Ghana – built their kingdom from Ghana's gold and banana and cocoa plantations, although Ashanti people are now renowned for their craft-making skills. African traditions combined with British influences have produced an exciting modern Ghanaian culture – open, musical, and diverse.

Staff Profile Emmanuel Abaaja, Country Director
Emmanuel Abaaja
Country Director
“ ’Akwaaba…Welcome’ is the word that will accompany you in Ghana from the moment you step off the plane in the suffocating heat until you reluctantly whisper a memory-laden ‘Good-bye’ when leaving this friendly country. Ghana will feel like an explosion, like a sensory overload; it will enchant you in a challenging, but pleasant way. The host family will make you feel like you’re a Ghanaian . If you’re enthusiastic, pro-active and creative, your work will give you all that you put in and more!”

Where You Will Live in Ghana with Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad has many projects in Ghana, based in the cities of Accra, Cape Coast, and the Akuapem Hills. Volunteers and interns can get involved in a variety of projects, from caring for children in orphanages and care centers and teaching English, sports, and IT in schools, to internship opportunities in hospitals, veterinary clinics, human rights organizations, and newspapers and radio stations.

Projects Abroad volunteer spends time with Ghanaian host family

All volunteers in Ghana live with host families. Your host family will make you feel like a Ghanaian. The combination of Ghanaians' strong religious faith and hospitality makes living with a family a special experience.

Living in Ghana you certainly encounter some unusual situations, from the unpredictable electricity and water supply, to seeing even the poorest families dressed up in their best clothes for church on a Sunday morning. You will also need to adapt to the bizarre and the unfamiliar, whether it be the car-shaped coffins or the banku and fufu dishes you will have for lunch.

Did you know? Ghana is the 2nd biggest producer of cocoa beans (chocolate) in the world.

Travel and Sightseeing Opportunities in Ghana

Living in vibrant, colorful Ghana will feel like an explosion - an enchanting sensory overload. Music is a central part of Ghanaian culture, so in the bigger towns, especially Accra, you will hear some great live bands and have some memorable nights out.

Volunteer at a mountain in his leisure time in Ghana

There are many attractions and places to visit. You will want to see the haunting slave castles and visit the rainforest at Kakum Rainforest Reserve, feed wild monkeys at The Boebeng Monkey Village, or elephant watch at Mole National Park.

Travel across Ghana is cheap and easy, whether it be in a taxi, a tro-tro (a type of minibus), or on a lake boat. There are clean, affordable places to stay and eat in all the main towns.

Ghana is a superb location for bird watching and is developing a good ecotourism philosophy. It’s also an interesting place for history lovers and, once your project is over, a great stepping-off point for exploring West Africa.

Projects for All Ages in Ghana

High School Specials for Teens in Ghana

19+ Specials for Ages 19 and Up in Ghana

Alternative Spring Break Trips for University Students in Ghana


Projects for professionals available in Ghana

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