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After School Sports Volunteer Project in China

  • PLACEMENT LOCATION:Shanghai and Chengdu
  • ROLE:Work alongside a local coach to develop students’ skills in various sports
  • AGE OF STUDENTS:5 – 15
  • CLASS SIZES:10 – 15
  • ACCOMMODATION:Shared volunteer apartments
  • LENGTH OF PLACEMENT:From 4 weeks
  • START DATES:Flexible

A volunteer coaches soccer on the after school sports volunteer project in China

Volunteer on Projects Abroad’s Sports Project in China to help children and teenagers develop their sporting and athletic skills. Through sport coaching you will also encourage the development of social and teamwork skills that your students will benefit from on and off the field.

An enthusiasm for coaching sports, doing different physical activities and teaching important life skills will help you make the most out of this project.

Sports Project placements in China are based in Shanghai and Chengdu. You will work under the supervision of a local coach, with students from 5-15 years old. Each placement varies with their approach to coaching sports.

Your Role on the After School Sports Project in China

You will work alongside a local sports coach as an assistant coach, and if you display proactivity and enthusiasm, you may be able to lead your own classes. After meeting your students, you will receive a schedule to work with. Your co-ordinator will explain your working hours and specific role, which can include the following tasks:

  • Prepare training sessions
  • Assist the coach with training sessions in various sports, such as soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming, baseball and ice-hockey
  • Organize student tournaments
  • Administration work related to sport and your coaching
  • Communicate with parents about their children’s sport training
  • Attend sport and promotional events for the school/organization you are placed at

Children in China develop their ball skills on the after school sports volunteer project

It may be expected that you would need to work on some weekends, and if this is required you will be given a day off in the week.

The students you coach will speak English. The time you spend with them will be an excellent opportunity to improve their conversational English. Use the time to get to know them, share your own stories and culture, and gain new knowledge from their culture and experiences.

No previous experience or qualifications are required for this project. Local coaches and Projects Abroad staff will be available to assist you and give you advice.

Daily Life in China

During your placement, you will live in shared apartments with other volunteers from around the world. You will get to make new international friends, and learn about each other’s countries and cultures. In your free time, you can share ideas on what to do and where to explore.

China offers amazing tourism-related activities. Once you’ve mastered the local bus and train system, you can access exciting places. You can explore China’s vast landscapes, spend time in rural areas, or visit monasteries. Popular activities are to take a tour along the famous Silk Road, or walk a distance along The Great Wall. Our staff and other volunteers will be excited to share their experiences and ideas with you.

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