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Monthly Reports from 2014

Monthly report – December 2014

The biggest development this month was the Christmas networking event which was held at the Umbrella Cafe. Volunteers, Rachel, Hiroko and Eliza organised and ran the event which was attended by women from all of the groups. The purpose of the event was to celebrate the women’s achievements for the year.

Monthly report – October 2014

This month's report highlights the progress businesses have made and we assess the impact volunteers have made thus far. Together with volunteers and the businesses, we come up with ideas to improve training workshops in the near future.

Monthly report – September 2014

During September, we continued with showing groups how to capture their income and expenses. Due to the low number of volunteers in September we were not able to provide much training. However; The focus has been on interviewing group members to gather more information about the businesses which will assist the Micro-finance project assess the status quo of each business.

Monthly report – August 2014

On the 7th of August, the Micro-finance team gave new loans to the Amani Group, ranging from 450 000 to 500,000 TSH, as well as new books and calculators for bookkeeping. Entrepreneurs were educated about how to use the money as well as how interest rates are charged.

Monthly report – July 2014

The new book-keeping system continues to be successful. Through book-keeping exercises with the wider group we have been able to determine each women’s education level and from here, been able to break them out to the appropriate training groups within the new curriculum (reading/writing, mathematics, book keeping) so that they get more out of the meetings.

Monthly report – May 2014

During the month of May we continued to train the women in the new book keeping system and from the second week of May they started reporting their weekly numbers in the new table. The women have made good progress since the start. Many of them already manage the new system well, while some of them still need additional training.

Monthly report – March 2014

The ‘Kiranyi‘ group is the newest addition to the Micro-finance project, which we visit every Monday from now on. It consists of eight members and uses the Hill Crest Nursery School in Kiranyi as a weekly meeting place. The local supervisor introduced us to the group, since none of the group members have proficient English speaking skills.

Monthly report – January 2014

During January all the women’s groups were in their third loan stage. Some loans expired in this month. The Loan Application Form, as it was used for the third loan stage, is edited to be used for the women, which want a fourth loan starting in February 2014. The team plans on interview the concerning women using the form. The women will fill in the form in the first weeks of February.

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