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Monthly Reports from 2013

Monthly report - December 2013

This is the last newsletter of the year! We are closing the activities and pro-jects for the first year of hard work! We would like to thank everyone who has been part of the Law & Human Rights Office Argentina in 2013 and eve-ryone who made all the progress we have made during the year possible: to the volunteers, our partner organizations and mainly to all the communities, groups of girls and boys, people, to our beneficiaries who trusted us since the beginning and who intelligently helped us build a better word! Gracias!

Monthly report - October - November 2013

We are back on track with our monthly report and as always have a lot to share! Volunteers have be-en making great progress in each of their placements. The Legal Clinic is busy with many new cases and the weekly meetings in the Blas Pascal community have been positive as they have been able to resolve and come to an agreement on various issues. Read on for more details!

Monthly report - August - September 2013

Centro Correcional para Adolescentes Mujeres
Depending on the severity of the girls’ crime for why they are in CeCAM, some may be given permission to return home to visit with their families for one night or sometimes a weekend. One girl had returned home and the following day the volunteers saw her. Unfortunately the girl had been in a fight while at home and returned to CeCAM with bruises and cuts on her body.

Monthly report - July 2013

What do we do when we do Law & Human Rights?
What comes to mind when somebody asks you, "what are human rights?" It is a tough one right? Most people have to stop for a second, think about it and at the end (and believe me it has everything to do with their context and their personal experiences) they will answer something like: freedom? Life? Education? The rights of a human? And I’m writing with a question mark because most likely they will be unsure and an-swering with another question, as if asking: "Am I right?".

Monthly report - May and June 2013

Though it’s winter here in Argentina, that hasn’t slowed down the volunteers of the Law & Human Rights office. The months of June and July have been the busiest months so far in Argentina, as 13 volunteers arrived in June and we will receive about the same amount in July.

Monthly report - April 2013

CeCAM, (Centro Correcional para Adolescentes Mujeres) is a correctional facility for young girls aged 14 to 20, who committed or were involved in serious crimes. Usually the institution houses about fifteen girls.

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