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Print and Broadcast Journalism Internships Abroad

Volunteers work together to publish a magazine on the Journalism project
  • Role: Getting involved in a variety of duties at the publication, including researching topics, writing and proofreading articles, conducting interviews, and helping out around the office.
  • Requirements:
    • None for Bolivia, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, Jamaica, Mexico (only placements in Guadalajara) Mongolia, Romania, Samoa, South Africa, Tanzania, and Vietnam.
    • Some related experience for Costa Rica, and Philippines.
    • Spanish skills for Argentina, Costa Rica, and Mexico (only for placements in Ciudad Guzman).
    • French skills for Togo.
    • Interns need to be a minimum of 18 years old for Jamaica.
Project Info

International volunteer work in the field of journalism will be a challenging, but also incredibly rewarding overseas experience. You will get to meet and interview a variety of people from all facets of society; from professionals to politicians, members of the public and film stars! On whichever journalism placement you choose, you will be getting useful, hands-on experience and the opportunity to make an important contribution.

A local talks to Journalism interns on a Broadcast placement in Mongolia

If you choose to intern abroad as a journalist, you can choose from a variety of general journalism internships in the fields of Print, Radio, and TV. At most placements, interns typically work Monday to Friday from about 9am - 5pm. However, you will be expected to demonstrate some flexibility and working hours may vary – there could be times when you will be asked to gather information or cover a press event in the evening or on the weekend.

Whichever internship you choose, you will need to be open-minded and enthusiastic to get the most out of your experience.

International Print Journalism Internships

Journalism interns at work in South Africa

We offer an exciting array of print journalism projects. For example, you can do journalistic work on daily or monthly newspaper or write for business and lifestyle magazines. As well as gaining valuable journalistic skills, interning abroad for a newspaper or magazine will give you a unique insight into the lives and culture of the local community in which you are based. Spending time researching a particular issue or event will inevitably give you a greater understanding of the challenges facing the community and peoples’ attitudes in general.

Your precise role will vary depending on the publication and your experience and interests. However, whether you are working for a small independent publication or a larger government owned newspaper, your work will be varied, and each day will be a new learning experience. You might be interviewing diverse members of the community (with the assistance of a translator where required), researching articles, writing news items and features, reviewing restaurants, attending political press conferences, visiting social events such as fashion shows and parties, sitting in on meetings, or simply learning about the general running of the publication.

Some publications will give you the opportunity to get involved in the design and layout of the magazine, while others will give you the chance to do some proof reading and editing.

Print available in: Argentina, Bolivia, China, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mongolia, Romania, Samoa, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Togo. 

International Television and Radio Internships

Projects Abroad Broadcast intern at her workstation in Argentina

Projects Abroad has a number of journalism projects where you can work on radio stations in several destinations as well as TV stations in some locations. These internships are a fantastic way to gain first hand journalism experience in broadcast media within a developing country. Regardless of your current experience, our custom tailored international journalism projects will give you the opportunity to contribute your own ideas and skills and to learn a lot in the process.

The radio and TV stations we work with cover a wide range of different topics: from the arts and politics to sports and local events. Many of these topics focus on news items and deal with issues facing the community.

You will have the opportunity to gain a wide range of journalistic experience and knowledge of all areas of the radio or TV station you are working on. You can expect to contribute in areas like research, production, presenting, and more. Let us know which role you are most interested in – behind the scenes or in front of the camera! You will most likely spend some of your time in the studio, while the rest will be spent out in the field, attending interviews and press conferences.

Whether you are presenting a sports program in Ghana or assisting with the production of a news broadcast in Mexico, you will benefit greatly from the knowledge and enthusiasm of your local colleagues and staff. Projects Abroad Broadcast Journalism internships offer you the chance to work as part of a small, friendly, and professional team. As soon as you begin your internship you will be fully integrated and gain valuable experience as a journalist.

Radio available in: Argentina, Ghana, Jamaica, Mexico, Mongolia, Philippines, Samoa, Togo and Vietnam.

Television available in: Ghana, Jamaica, Mongolia, and Togo. 

Interning as a Journalist with Projects Abroad

Journalism interns work at a Mongolian television news station

During your internship, your editor or supervisor will be eager to listen to any ideas you have for pieces and will be able to offer useful advice and guidance throughout the course of your placement. If you have any special interests such as music or sports, you can often incorporate these into your project as well. Just let us know if there any areas you are especially eager to work in, so we can tailor the most appropriate placement for you.

If you are interested in a Print or Broadcast Journalism placement, you should choose "General Journalism Projects" on your application and make a note that you would like to work in Print or Broadcast where we ask if you have any placement preferences.

Please also visit our Alumni Reviews section to read the perspectives of some of our previous journalism interns.

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