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Intern in Film Production Abroad

Intern on the film production project films with a monk
  • Role: Working with students and local filmmakers in workshops and training sessions to teach and develop technical and creative filmmaking skills.
  • Requirements: Some related education for Tanzania.
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As a Film Production intern abroad, you will be able to participate in a stimulating, creative, and immensely exciting field, and help aspiring young filmmakers from local communities. This is a worthwhile experience for students and professionals with knowledge of the media, journalism, and other related subjects. Not only will you be able to share your passion for the field with youth abroad, you will also be able to teach them new skills and contribute to the development of filmmaking in developing countries.

Volunteers film and host on the film production project overseas

As an intern, you will learn from local students and filmmakers and develop new skills of your own. Collaborating with other filmmakers is also a great way to generate new ideas and give interns and students at the project an insight into different cultures. You will also have the opportunity to gain meaningful practical experience to enhance your technical and creative knowledge and add to your resume.

You can expect to get involved with a range of tasks related to filmmaking, including leading film production workshops, participating in training sessions, and exposing local youth to the opportunities involved in film production in developing countries. You will teach editing, sound, design for audio-visual products, creative storytelling, film and television production, and television journalism.

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