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Teaching in Peru for Volunteers over 50

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  • Placement locations: Cuzco
  • Types of placements: Secondary School (students aged 11 – 18)
  • Role: Teaching assistant (English)
  • Requirements: None
  • Accommodation: Host Families
  • Arrival Airport: Cuzco (CUZ)
  • Local Languages: Spanish, Quechua

A girl being assisted by a Projects Abroad Teaching volunteer in Peru

Volunteering with Projects Abroad in Peru, alongside volunteers of a similar age, is an opportunity for you make a lasting impact on the educational development of students from underprivileged communities. Overcrowded and under-resourced schools are among the current problems in an education system that is in need of vital support. By volunteering on this project you will provide much needed assistance to local teachers at a secondary school in Cuzco, by helping facilitate English classes.

The students you teach during your placement will not only benefit from your direct teaching. Any creative teaching techniques you introduce will also help local teachers improve their English and quality of their classes for years to come. As a teaching volunteer in Peru you will be able to bring a new inspiration into the learning environment, and will therefore make a lasting impact in the school and community where you are placed.

A TEFL or any other teaching qualification is not required to volunteer on the Teaching in Peru Project.

What support will I have at a Teaching Placement in Peru with Projects Abroad?

As a volunteer, you will be working from a syllabus specially designed for the students in the area. A full history of what has been taught previously will be made available to you, and you will receive helpful advice from past and fellow volunteers. Local teachers will always be providing guidance and available to offer any support you might need.

In addition to your placement work, you will have the opportunity to join a teaching workshop to help you feel more at home as a new teacher in Peru. The workshop will help you gain a better understanding of Peru’s education system, and will provide you with specific information about the placement where you will be working, such as practical advice and suggestions on lesson plans and teaching activities.

Do I need to prepare teaching material volunteering as a Teacher in Peru?

Worksheets and teaching materials will be easily accessible, but it is encouraged that you make use of authentic material and use your own creative teaching techniques during your lessons, which is why you will be encouraged to bring teaching materials and resources from home to use during your classes. Volunteers who bring original ideas to the classroom have a greater impact on the students and teachers where they are placed.

During your placement you will live with a local host family, and be able to experience local Peruvian culture and ways of life. Over the weekend, there will be opportunities to explore some of the beautiful areas of Peru, including the mysterious lost city of Machu Picchu.

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