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Volunteer in the Performing Arts Abroad

Performing Arts volunteer teaching music on the guitar to students in a school abroad
  • Role: Working in music, dance, and drama by teaching, leading workshops and productions, recording and producing local music, and more with children and adults.
  • Requirements: None
Project Info

If you have a passion for the arts then you can really make a difference by volunteering on one of our performing arts placements abroad. By spending time on a performing arts project, you get to impart your knowledge about the art form you specialize in while learning about local traditions in the destination country.

Volunteers dancing on the performing arts project with Projects Abroad

We have a variety of projects available for you to choose from, including music, dance, drama, music production, and more. As a volunteer on one of these projects, you can have a hugely positive impact on your host community. Whether you are helping children improve their communication skills, teaching teenagers to express themselves through the arts, or promoting local talented musicians, you will have an important role to play.

For volunteers looking to do performing arts, we recommend that you have some background in the area of the project you want to do in order to take on more independent work, though it’s not required to join the placements. As long as you have a general interest and are willing to fully invest yourself in your students, then you’ll have a fabulous time abroad!

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