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Winter Break Abroad with Projects Abroad

A Projects Abroad Care volunteer plays with a child at her Care placement in Heredia, Costa Rica.

If you are a high school or college student, you can volunteer, intern, or study abroad with Projects Abroad over winter break. With no set dates and loads of projects available for as few as two weeks, Projects Abroad is the ideal organization for arranging volunteer opportunities over winter break. We also have pre-arranged Winter Break group trips to help you gain some worthwhile experience and celebrate the holidays abroad during your winter break.

Our projects are open to everyone 16 and older. In most cases no experience is required, just an open mind and a desire to help out where your help is needed. You can sign up individually or with a group of friends.

With Projects Abroad, you can boost your resume by volunteering in a childcare centre in Ghana, protecting endangered turtles in Mexico, or teaching English in Fiji. Those who want to gain medical experience can intern in a hospital in Nepal, Tanzania, or Argentina. Want to ace your next Spanish test? Spend your New Years living with a Spanish-speaking family in Costa Rica and taking intensive Spanish lessons.

Projects Abroad staff members enjoy coconuts on a beach in Ghana.

International Opportunities for Winter Break

By spending your winter break with Projects Abroad, you will have the great opportunity to utilize your time off in a meaningful and rewarding program. We offer a wide range of opportunities and regions to suit your interests, and with more than 600 trained staff in our destinations and over 100 types of projects, we are the leading short-term international volunteer organization. It is thanks to our thousands of volunteers and interns who work in developing countries every year on our Volunteer Abroad and Intern Abroad programs that we are able to offer such great opportunities. Sign up today and be one yourself this winter!

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