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Volunteering in Africa

As a volunteer in Africa with Projects Abroad, you’ll be playing an important role in helping to build up communities in need. Volunteering abroad allows you to give back while exploring the amazing diversity and rich cultural history of Africa.

Our volunteer placements are available all year round and open to anyone 16 and older. We have a huge variety of volunteer projects throughout Africa in fields such as childcare work, teaching English, environmental conservation, sports and physical education, and more!

Volunteer Programs in Africa

Projects Abroad offers volunteer opportunities in ten countries throughout Africa. Improve global literacy by teaching English in Ethiopia or Morocco, help to protect threatened animals on a conservation program in South Africa or Kenya, be a friend to children in Madagascar, Togo or Senegal, build schools in Ghana and Tanzania, and more. In the world’s second-largest and second most-populated continent, you are bound to find a region and project to suit your interests.

Travel and Sightseeing Opportunities in Africa?

Conservation volunteer in Africa logging findings in the Savannah

Africa is much more than you hear in the news or see in documentaries. As home to one-third of the world’s languages and varied levels of development, Africa is one of the most fascinating and unique areas to volunteer your time.

The experience continues from your work to your living arrangements. Most volunteers live with local host families. This will allow you to gain unparalleled insight into the local community.

While your primary role is to volunteer, you will also have free time in the evenings and over the weekends. This will give you the opportunity to travel and tour other cities. Whether hiking in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa or basking on the beaches in South Africa, we can guarantee that you will not be bored.

Volunteering in Africa will provide you with a fantastic platform from which to learn about this fascinating continent and its people. Don’t just take our word though! Take some time to read through reviews written by our former volunteers in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, and Togo.

If you are interested in doing an internship in Africa, please refer to our Intern in Africa page. 

Projects available for Volunteer in Africa

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