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Volunteer in Africa with Projects Abroad and be part of our efforts to help communities in need. We offer various volunteer programs throughout Africa, and these programs are available year-round. You can join whenever you want, for as long as you want.

We offer volunteer programs in Africa in a range of fields:

Volunteer Work in Africa

Projects Abroad runs volunteer programs in several African countries. Experience North Africa by volunteering in Morocco, and see the vast Sahara Desert. Explore West Africa by volunteering in Ghana, Senegal, or Togo. If you decide to head to East Africa, you can find yourself in Tanzania, Kenya, or Ethiopia. Heading down south to the tip of the continent, you can live and volunteer in South Africa. Finally, if island life and lush rainforests fire up your imagination, Madagascar may be the perfect choice for you.

In each African country we work in, we have identified the needs of the local communities and the challenges they face. Our programs all work toward helping people overcome these problems and aiding development. By joining us, you will make an impact, no matter which project you choose to do.

Volunteer Trips to Africa

Conservation volunteer in Africa logging wildlife sightings on a reserve in Botswana

Africa is so much more than what you see and hear in the news and on TV. During your volunteer trip to Africa, you'll live with a host family and work with local people. This gives you direct insight into life on the continent.

When you're not volunteering, we encourage you to take advantage of travel and sightseeing opportunities. You will have plenty of free time in the evenings and over weekends. If you need help organizing your leisure time or want to know what to do, our local staff are there to help and give you suggestions. 

How to Volunteer in Africa with Projects Abroad

Make this your year to volunteer in Africa. Doing volunteer work is a wonderful way to give back and learn new skills while experiencing life in a different country and culture. Seize the opportunity and talk to our Program Advisors about which programs and countries interest you most. We can help you pick the perfect one!

You can also read reviews written by former volunteers who worked in Africa.  

If you are interested in doing an internship in Africa, please refer to our Intern in Africa page. 

Projects available for Volunteer in Africa

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