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Journalism Internships in Asia

Female intern on the Journalism project in Asia works on the computer with staff

A Journalism internship in Asia is a wonderful way to gain insight into the workings of the international media in a new cultural and political setting while getting invaluable work experience. AS a field that promotes curiosity and cultural exploration in itself, Journalism is a fantastic way to examine the rich cultural history and rapidly changing environment of Asia.

Projects Abroad offers Journalism internships in both the Print and Broadcast fields. The majority of these placements do not require any previous Journalism experience or education.

Interns are usually work an average of 30 hours per week and can anticipate a wide range of tasks and responsibilities such as conducting interviews and research, writing articles, editing/proof reading, presenting segments, and more. Internships are available at a variety of placements including TV stations, newspapers, magazines, and radio stations.

A Projects Abroad journalism internship in Asia offers a unique cross-cultural exchange that will enhance your résumé and increase your prospects within the highly competitive journalism industry.

Journalism Internships in East Asia

From conducting interviews for a national publication in Shanghai to to camera and editing work at C1 Television in Mongolia, a Journalism internship in East Asia will enable you to put together a unique portfolio of journalistic work. Projects Abroad offers Journalism internships in the following East Asian destinations: China and Mongolia .

Journalism intern in Asia interviews a monk for a broadcast with Projects Abroad

Journalism Projects in Southeast Asia

A Journalism internship in Southeast Asia is an excellent chance to improve your own practical skills and prove your adaptability in a different culture. Journalism is one of the best ways to examine the changing political, cultural, and economic climate of Southeast Asia. Journalism internships in Southeast Asia are located in the Philippines and Vietnam.

Journalism Opportunities in South Asia

South Asia is one of the most heavily populated areas of the world. With such a large population, there are stories around every corner. Explore a new culture and build your resume while on a print, broadcast or radio Journalism placement in South Asia. Journalism in South Asia is located in Sri Lanka.

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General Journalism Projects in Asia:

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