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International Development Internships in Asia

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Participating in an International Development internship in Asia is a great way to gain experience in community outreach abroad and assist various local organizations. International Development internships are perfect for developing your leadership skills and building your resume.

Interns on international development programs in Southeast Asia and South Asia should be prepared to work hard. You’ll be expected to work 30-40 hours per week and will participate in a variety of tasks such as, conducting research, training local organization staff, administrative support, marketing, and teaching English.

International Development is an opportunity for you to become directly involved in community-based efforts to improve the circumstances of local people.

International Development in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is an area that can benefit immensely from the efforts of International Development interns. We work with local foundations to tackle issues that are prevalent in disadvantaged communities, including drugs and alcohol, prostitution, and the rights of the disabled. You can provide support to these communities by working with organizations that seek to empower marginalized communities and raise awareness of these issues. International Development internships in Southeast Asia are available in Vietnam .

International Development Internship in South Asia

International Development projects in South Asia are a great way for interns to gain experience and support an emerging economy through work with local NGOs. By identifying and working with Income Generation Groups, you’ll be helping local economies to grow and prosper while learning valuable skills for a future in the international development field.

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International Development Projects in Asia:

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