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Business Internships in Asia

Male volunteer on a Business project in Asia demonstrates business plan

Asia is one of the most exciting new areas in which to undertake a Business internship. Business internships in Asia offer a unique cross-cultural exchange that will enhance your résumé and increase your prospects within the highly competitive business sector. A Business Internship in Asia is the perfect way to acquire professional skills and hands-on experience in the business world while exploring an entirely new cultural environment.

As a Business intern in Asia, you will play a key role in the daily work of your placement company. You will be involved with the day-to-day activities of the office such as contacting clients, working with business support teams, researching for current or future projects, putting together portfolios, attending meetings or working on set briefs. Interns work an average of 30-40 hours per week and can anticipate a wide range of tasks and responsibilities throughout their internship. In many cases, interns can choose the specific field of business that they would like to work in. Areas such as finance, accounting, marketing, tourism, economics, and human resources are popular fields.

Your input at your placement is greatly encouraged. Take the opportunity to make your own recommendations, ask questions, and explain practices back home. Your adaptability and willingness to learn will be appreciated by your colleagues, enabling you to truly engage yourself as an active member of the team.

Business Internships in East Asia

Male volunteer with local staff on a Business internship in Asia

With a booming economy and a bright future, East Asia is the perfect place to undertake a Business internship. From consulting clients at a rapidly growing finance company in Chengdu, China to working within the new tourism sector of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, you’ll be able to put together a unique portfolio of work. Business Internships in East Asia are located in China and Mongolia .

Business Internships in South Asia

Donating your support to an up and coming business in South Asia will allow you to develop unique skills that will serve you in future employment. Based in an exciting emerging economy, a Business internship in South Asia enables you to gain experience from the ground up. South Asian Business internships are located in Sri Lanka .

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Business Projects in Asia:

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