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Physical Therapy Internship in Cambodia

Gain practical work experience in a rehabilitation center and help treat patients with different conditions
Midwifery Internship in Peru

Gain work experience in a maternity ward and learn directly from local midwives and doctors
Volunteer Teaching in Romania

Travel to Eastern Europe and gain practical teaching experience while helping students improve their English
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At Projects Abroad, we organize life-changing volunteer projects and internships in the developing world. It’s pretty simple really - you decide what you want to do, where you want to go, and when you want to do it. You pay us a fee and we provide you with: Unrivalled
Occupational Therapy Internship in Cambodia

Gain practical occupational work experience while working with mentally and physically disabled children
Volunteer Teaching English in Ghana

Gain practical experience teaching English to children in the more rural areas of Ghana
Volunteer Teaching English in Thailand

Live and work in Thailand, helping improve your students’ English skills and gaining teaching experience
Occupational Therapy Internship in Vietnam

Gain practical experience by working alongside staff to treat patients with physical and mental disabilities
Medicine Internship in China

Learn directly from doctors as they treat patients using Western and traditional Chinese medicine
Volunteer Sports Coaching in Argentina

Work as a sports coach in Cordoba and help disadvantaged youth develop their athletic skills

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