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Review: Midwifery in Tanzania by Carly F

Why travel to the other side of the world and volunteer? Why not? I remember vividly writing an essay for university comparing the mortality and morbidity rates of women having babies in developing countries. The statistics were truly eye opening and I decided I that I needed to
Review: Himalayan Mountain Conservation in Nepal by Karleen S

Arrival to NepalI arrived in Nepal two months after the first earthquake. I had a nice clear view over the Kathmandu Valley as we flew in and I could see many green valleys with rivers winding through, rice fields, corn fields and a golden-roofed temple glistening on top of a hil
Review: Law & Human Rights in South Africa by Emily D

I arrived in South Africa facing the inevitable reality that every recent post-graduate must eventually confront: the “real world.” Whether my immediate future involved the endless job search in this declining economy or law school, I was unsure. I embarked on my journey to C
Review: Micro-finance project in Senegal by Tamar H

Interviewing a fruit vendor, on a street corner in West Africa’s first French settlement, about his dream of becoming an importer of European cars was never an item on my bucket list. However, along with many other unanticipated adventures I experienced during my time in Senega
Review: Teaching in the Philippines by Sue N

Needing to recognize turning 50 with more than just a birthday party, I decided to take a leave of absence from my job as an elementary school teacher to do something a little different. Volunteering seemed the natural choice as I would be able to share my teaching skills, as wel

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