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Projects Abroad volunteers trek through the Patagonia Mountains on a Conservation project

Nepal, Argentina, and Fiji 
November,  2021

This November, Argentina and Nepal are ready to begin accepting volunteers again, with Fiji following closely behind in December. Argentina has also announced not one - but TWO new Wildlife Conservation projects: Howler Monkey Conservation and Whale and Puma Conservation. Now, there’s just one thing missing - YOU!

Projects Abroad Volunteers release new Olive Ridley turtle hatchlings in Mexico

Cuyutlán, Colima, México 
November, 2021

Hatching Season is in full swing!! Our volunteers and staff have worked hard through the nesting season to save as many nests as possible, and now these babies are ready to take on the big blue world beneath the waves. Did you know each nest can have anywhere from around 34-110 eggs depending on the size of the mother and her health status? Good luck little ones! 

Projects Abroad 50+ volunteers begin their Conservation work on the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
November, 2021

“Galapagos to home base: the Eagles have landed!” Our newest group of 50+ Volunteers has just arrived on San Cristobal Island to begin their Conservation and Community work for the next two weeks. That’s right, we have options for volunteers of all ages! Contact us today to see which trip is right for you!

New Resource: COVID-19 FAQs

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of travel as we knew it and we understand that travelers like you have lots of questions. Your safety and well-being remains our top priority, so we've built a new resource to answer the most commonly asked questions about travelling during COVID-19.

Read our COVID-19 FAQs.



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