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Projects Abroad Volunteer prepares ingredients for Feeding Outreach program in South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa
February,  2022

Dedicated Projects Abroad Volunteer Rubens recently handed out a whopping 300 meals in one day to a disadvantaged settlement outside of Cape Town, South AfricaHe has been working hard on several impactful initiatives with our local partner NGO who is striving to alleviate extreme poverty and poor education resources in the area. Check out the International Development program if you are inspired by Ruben's efforts! 

Projects Abroad volunteer plasters a new classroom building as part of the Building project in Ghana

Akuapem, Ghana
February, 2022

Good education requires a safe, clean learning environment, so our Building Project in Ghana has been working daily on building a new classroom for a village school in the Akuapem Hills region in Ghana. Volunteer Joel's commitment to raising the structure has been integral to making it happen, and he will be very happy to have more pairs of helping hands joining him this month all the way from Denmark! 

Projects Abroad Medicine Intern assisting in the Labor and Maternity ward in Nanyuki, Kenya

Nanyuki, Kenya
February 2022

Medicine intern in Kenya, Carol, had a wonderful opportunity to assist in the Labor and Maternity ward alongside experienced medical professionals. Did you know our Medicine internships are flexible and allow you to shadow in different departments of your choice? Follow her lead and discover a unique pathway to your future career as a Doctor or Nurse! 

New Resource: COVID-19 FAQs

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of travel as we knew it and we understand that travelers like you have lots of questions. Your safety and well-being remains our top priority, so we've built a new resource to answer the most commonly asked questions about travelling during COVID-19.

Read our COVID-19 FAQs.



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