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An Alternative Way to Travel: Projects Abroad

If you’re tired of being a tourist, an alternative travel trip may be the perfect opportunity for you to see the world in a new way. Projects Abroad sends over 10,000 volunteers abroad annually. We are one of the leading alternative travel options, with hundreds of projects in almost 30 countries. You can explore an exciting new country, interact with local people, learn about their culture, and give back to the country that you are visiting, all while getting an insider’s point of view.

Why choose Projects Abroad as an Alternative Travel Option?

Archaeology volunteer engaging on an alternative travel trip.

Alternative travel allows you to explore the world with a whole new mind-set. It’s important to really get to know the country and culture you are living in, rather than just visiting as a tourist. Projects Abroad is based around the idea of worthwhile humanitarian work and personal cultural enrichment. Here are some ways that we ensure your travel is truly an alternative experience:

  • Accommodation with a local host family, which will give you the opportunity to discover a new culture from a close-up and build lasting relations with the people in the country you are visiting.

  • Meaningful volunteer work that encourages you to explore the differences between your own culture and the country you are working in.

  • A strong volunteer community with people from all over the world who share the same desire to travel and engage with the people they meet.

  • Local Projects Abroad staff who ensure that you are doing worthwhile work due to their inside knowledge of what is needed in relation to development and benefit to the local community and economy.

How can I start my Alternative Travel Experience?

Volunteer with her host family on an alternative travel trip.

Any of our projects and destinations can fit in with the idea of alternative travel. Our programs are very flexible and can last anywhere from two weeks to several months. You can choose the project and destination that appeals to you. Anyone 16 or older can travel and make a difference. Some popular programs for alternative travelers include:

Review our Getting Started Guide to learn more about the process of going abroad with Projects Abroad. Start your alternative travel adventure today!

Explore how volunteering abroad and interning abroad works with Projects Abroad.

Experience: Over 20 years of organizing overseas volunteer projects.

Flexibility: You choose your start date.

Variety: hundreds of worthwhile projects to choose from.

Support: Full-time staff close-by in every destination.

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