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Bringing a Joyful Christmas to Children in South Africa


The holiday season is here but not all are able to spend time with family unwrapping gifts on Christmas Day. In response, our office in Cape Town is collecting presents to bring to disadvantaged children at our placements in the townships.

Philippines Disaster Relief – Volunteers Needed


After Typhoon Haiyan, volunteers are needed to help with recovery work including repairing and renovating schools or childcare centers while caring for children whose families were affected. Volunteers can join at any time for 2 weeks and up. Work will start immediately, lasting for several months.

Senegal: Schoolgirls Get Extra Help at Talibé Care Center


Volunteers normally teach young street boys at the talibé center in St. Louis, but recently girls have been coming to attend classes too! Though the girls regularly attend school, most don't have family members who can help with their homework or simply show interest in what they learn, so now both boys and girls benefit from our dedicated volunteers' support at the talibé center.

Alumni: All in the Family


Volunteering abroad is a great way to bring your family closer together. Manila and Kati, a mother and daughter duo that volunteered on our Conservation project in Kenya, can attest to this. Check out Kati's volunteer story or this news story to read more about the impact that Kati and Manila made in Kenya and what they gained from their experience.

New Film Production Project in Tanzania Needs Interns!


We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated interns studying media, journalism or a related subject to help lead film production workshops, training sessions, and more. Volunteers with a passion for film will collaborate with a youth organization dedicated to training local Tanzanians from underprivileged backgrounds on the opportunities in film production in Africa.

New Video: Family Volunteering in Kenya


Lotte from Denmark volunteered on a Teaching project in Kenya with her 6 year old daughter Olivia. Olivia learned and played with the children at school while her mother organized educational activities, proving one is never too young to have a worthwhile international experience!

Alumni: It's Never Too Late to Volunteer


It's important to remember that volunteering abroad isn't just for high school and college students. John and Sarah, both volunteers over 50, recently returned from Building in South Africa and Care in Cambodia. Their dedication is proof that worthwhile volunteer work can be done at any age. Read about John and Sarah's experience in South Africa and Cambodia in their own words.

Shark Conservation Project in Fiji


Launching in January 2014, this project needs volunteers with a passion for marine wildlife who want to protect some of the most endangered and misunderstood animals in the world. Volunteers work alongside local scientists on research projects focusing on shark finning issues, shark protected zoning, community education programs and more.

Volunteers Return from Trip of a Lifetime: Global Gap Year Update


Our Global Gap class of 2012-2013 just returned home from a once-in-a-lifetime experience, their year-long volunteer trip to 5 developing countries. We're looking forward to hearing how this program shapes their academic goals, and are excited for next year's group!

New South Africa Conservation Site


We've moved! Within Kwa Tuli reserve in Botswana, we are now based in Motswiri Camp with a new office for research, more room for relaxing and enjoying a 'braai,' and we're closer to the village which means better communication access. This program still has open dates this summer, so apply soon for the 2-week High School sessions in June, July, and August.

Alumni: Ghana Volunteers Launch Water Sachet Recycling Project


If you volunteered in Ghana, you probably remember all the waste produced from the plastic water bags. Our volunteers in country have found a way to utilize these bags in the name of fashion and fundraising. Patients and volunteers at the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital are working together to repurpose leftover water sachets into bags and wallets. Congratulations to our volunteers, past and present, on their creativity.

New Microfinance Project in Ghana: Volunteers Needed


Our new Microfinance project in Ghana supports individuals and groups working their way out of poverty. Volunteers are needed to help train participants and give them financial tools to start a business, enabling participants to secure a sustainable future for themselves and their families through small scale entrepreneurship.

New Program: Panda Care in China


Volunteers can now work at China's most established giant panda conservation and research center as part of the animal husbandry team, preparing food for the pandas, cleaning out enclosures, and keeping data on pandas' behavior. Volunteers gain first-hand exposure of the habits and life cycle of the giant pandas while learning how a professional rescue and breeding program operates.

Wouldn't you Love to Volunteer in the Philippines


Comprised of 7,000 islands, our newest destination, the Philippines, offers a unique Asian experience set apart geographically and culturally from mainland Asia. Based on Cebu Island, volunteers live with host families and can work in orphanages or care centers helping disadvantaged children, teach English, or do a medical internship in the local hospitals.

Grateful for a Successful 2012


2012 was a great year for us - over 10,000 volunteers and interns gave almost two million hours of their time in 31 countries. About half keep in long-term contact with the countries where they worked, demonstrating their growing impact. Thanks to all of our former volunteers - we couldn't do this without you!

Alumni: Continuing to Make a Difference in the New Year


Water & Sanitation Project in Tanzania. For the past 4 years, the Water & Sanitation project has been one of the most influential projects that we offer. This January, 6 invaluable volunteers will be drilling a borehole and installing an elevated tank to pump and store water at the Endulen School in Arusha, Tanzania. This will prevent the 800 students from spending 2-4 hours each day traveling to collect water.

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