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Newsletter Projects Abroad US - December 2009


It’s time to say goodbye to everything wonderful about 2009 and welcome in 2010. 2009 has been a memorable year for Projects Abroad – we opened up two new destinations (can we hear it for Fiji and Tanzania!), added several projects around the world, and began a new arm of the organization, Projects Abroad Pro. In other words, it’s been pretty epic.

Newsletter Projects Abroad US - March 2009


As we quickly approach spring 2009 and bid a much-needed adieu to this long, long winter we hope you’re gearing up for a new season of traveling! For those of you between the ages of 16-19, there is still plenty of room on our two-week high school specials as well as our escorted flights to Ghana, Peru, and India. June 1st marks the official opening of our newest destination, Tanzania, so if you’re ready for an adventure in Eastern Africa, it is just the place!

Newsletter Projects Abroad US - January 2009


Hello and welcome to beautiful 2009! Although some of us turned the page on 2008 with great joy, I was a little sad to see '08 fly by. In the world of Projects Abroad, we sent a record number of 4,000 volunteers to 22 developing countries (1,500 from North America) and began working in two new destinations. We saw our destinations that opened in 2007 (Ethiopia, Morocco, and Togo) flourish with the support of our volunteers and amazing projects.

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