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Newsletter Projects Abroad US - November 2008


Welcome to the onset of winter! We hope you all had a fulfilling summer of drinking lemonade, swimming in the sea, and doing meaningful work abroad. Now that the cold is here and school has started, it’s never too late to start thinking about what you might be doing in the sunny days of 2009. Or, as our newest Canadian staff member Allison Kean suggest, escape the freezing temperatures by traveling somewhere warmer (dare I say « Jamaica »).

Newsletter Projects Abroad US - May 2008


Oh hai, summer is almost here! For those of you in high school or university, it’s time to revel in a few months of freedom from the world of academia. Or if you’re like me, you are loving the beautiful summer weather indoors (and by beautiful summer weather, I mean cold and rainy in New York City). Sleet or shine, here at Projects Abroad we are also celebrating: this summer is proving to be a record year in the number of volunteers going overseas with us.

Newsletter Projects Abroad US - April 2008


Spring is finally here and we’re preparing for a summer full of great volunteer work. We’ll be sending out a record number of volunteers from all over North America this year, so get ready to hear many accents alongside your project! If you’re still making summer plans, it’s not too late to join a placement in one of our 23 destination countries – just shoot us an email or give us a call if you have any questions. We hope to see you!

Newsletter Projects Abroad US - February 2008


Hello, hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Projects Abroad e-Newsletter. As we mentioned last time, 2008 has been all about expansion and renovation for us – first we set up volunteer work in three different destinations (Brazil, Jamaica, and Togo for those keeping count), introduced a new website (we’ll talk about that later), and got a new stamp machine in our New York office! .

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