Projects Abroad is committed to providing a respectful and inclusive environment where all staff, participants, and partners can thrive. Building meaningful relationships across different cultures and backgrounds is central to our values. We believe this meaningful experience is only possible when everyone is treated fairly and respects the value of different people working together.

People from more than 50 countries have worked and travelled with Projects Abroad, collaborating on projects in more than 35 global destinations. Working alongside someone from a different culture, background, religion, or age group has been an incredibly valuable learning experience for our volunteers and also for the communities that host them.

Although Projects Abroad is fully committed to creating a more diverse, equitable, inclusive organisation across all destinations where we work, we acknowledge that, in some destination countries, social discrimination or legislation against being LGBTQ+ still persists. We have safely supported LGBTQ+ volunteers in most of our programmes and we will continue to provide specific cultural advice to help everyone stay safe.

While we strive to make all our projects available to those with disabilities, we have a range of programmes that are specifically adapted to host volunteers with visual, hearing, or mobility impairments. Don’t hesitate to talk to us so we can recommend projects that will make the best use of your time and talents.

At Projects Abroad, we abide by these guiding principles:

  • We foster and maintain a safe environment of respect and inclusion for staff, volunteers, interns, students, and members of the communities we serve.
  • We educate our staff, participants and partners to understand and cultivate an inclusive and fair culture.
  • We ensure fair and inclusive access to our programmes, resources and services by reducing barriers to access, increasing the demographic diversity.
  • We are committed to addressing issues of equity and justice in the travel industry through continued education, advocacy and personal interaction.

Our accreditations