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Going the Extra Mile

A volunteer posing with one of our staff members during his visit to her placement at a school in Ghana

In addition to the standard safety and backup Projects Abroad assures every volunteer, our staff will really go the extra mile for you if you need it. If you are uncomfortable with commuting to your volunteer placement after we show you during your orientation, we will ride on the commute with you again. If you are feeling homesick or having trouble coping with culture shock, we will sit down with you to lend an understanding ear and share our expertise with you. If you get sick or injured while abroad, we will take you to the hospital and be there for you until you are better.

This begins before you even arrive abroad. If you are applying for credit or a grant, we will help you by writing a verification letter, filling out paperwork, or speaking with your school administrators. If you are using your time abroad for research or a dissertation, we can help you design your plan of study; many of us have academic backgrounds ourselves. If you had plans to go abroad by other means that fell through at the last minute, we will pull some strings to get you abroad on one of our programs as soon as possible. If your visa gets denied, we will call the embassy to lobby on your behalf.

The fact is, we care. It is important to us that you are a happy volunteer, because happy volunteers are productive volunteers and make the greatest impact.

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