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Alumni who volunteered in the Sacred Valley of Peru on their way to Machu Picchu

As a Projects Abroad Alumni, you are part of a community of over 50,000 like-minded former volunteers. Our Alumni Network allows you to keep in touch with everyone that you shared your experience with, help encourage others to volunteer, and pursue opportunities to work with us at home and abroad. Take advantage of all the opportunities available to former volunteers:

Stay in touch with others from your time abroad

Keep us up-to-date on new things in your life

Inspire others to Volunteer

  • There are many opportunities for Alumni to actively promote our programs. You can speak to potential volunteers, put up posters, write a volunteer review, attend an information event, and more. Learn about the ongoing opportunities for Alumni to promote Projects Abroad on our Inspire Others to Volunteer page

Alumni receive Projects Abroad t-shirts after completing their volunteer projects in Jamaica

Get the latest Alumni news from Projects Abroad

  • Receive our quarterly Alumni e-newsletter with updates on our programs/destinations as well as activities available for Alumni. 

Work with us in the US and Overseas

  • We are always looking for former volunteers to work alongside our staff here in the US and around the world. To learn more, please visit our Jobs page and submit your resume/cover letter. 

Share what you have learned with others from around the world

  • Voices of the World is an online newspaper and magazine for young people all over the world to freely express their opinions, desires and aspirations while exploring the vast and fascinating domain of journalism. Through the website, young aspiring journalists have the opportunity to meet and exchange views with one another. In the way, they can come to understand the world and to express their views on it better and with more empathy. The platform is open to all former volunteers.

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