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Coach Sports Abroad in Argentina

  • ROLE: To coach children in a range of different sports to improve their basic skills and techniques
  • CLASS SIZE: 30-35
  • ACCOMMODATION: Host family
  • LENGTH OF PLACEMENT: From 3 weeks
  • START DATES: Flexible

Volunteer coaches sports to school children in Argentina

By taking part on our Sports project in Argentina, you can help to encourage enthusiastic young athletes to succeed in a variety of activities. Sports in Argentina are extremely popular and there are so many children wishing to participate, but due to a lack of resources opportunities are limited.

With the help of our volunteers, young players are given a great chance to show their talents. Bringing energy and enthusiasm with you, you’ll be able to dedicate your time coaching children the sport you love or helping with a range of games and general fitness sessions.

Argentina Sports Coaching

Projects Abroad works with a privately-owned sports club, providing sports lessons to children and teenagers from the ages of 6 to 17 years old. We also work with two community initiatives that provide free rugby and field hockey lessons to children from disadvantaged families

Volunteers will be involved in teaching a variety of different sports including soccer, field hockey, rugby, and basketball. Each sport is taught for several hours a week, so volunteers will be able to share their enthusiasm and guidance to the students over a wide range of sports.

There will be students of all abilities, offering you a huge amount of diversity as a coach – you could spend a few hours a day on advanced skills with older children, then organize small team games for younger students, and finish with a training session for young adults!

Your Role Volunteering Abroad on a Sports Project in Argentina

Teach Sports in Argentina as a Projects Abroad Volunteer

Regardless of the sport you are coaching, you will help to develop students’ basic skills and techniques. Once you arrive in Argentina, you will be introduced to the students and your supervisor. You will work with the local teacher to help coordinate and prepare for coaching sessions. In addition to this, tasks may include planning match strategies, leading practice games, and assisting in team selection. Don't worry if you have little or no coaching experience—the staff here are dedicated to their programs and very open to volunteers, so they will help you in any way.

There are typically 30 students to a group. You will find that every player is different and will greatly benefit from your specialized care and attention. In turn, this will improve the performance of the team as a whole.

Emphasis is also put on enjoyment and participation. The students attending this club have a real passion about playing sports they love. Therefore, your role will be to help make sure the fun and enthusiasm continues in every lesson you teach. As a foreigner, just your presence will help make each session enjoyable and is vital to maintaining the interest of the children. Whether you have coaching experience or just a love of sports, you can play a major part in this progressive sports experience.

The sports clubs are closed from late November through to mid March or sometimes early April. During this period volunteers will be able to work in summer schools where sports such as swimming and soccer are combined with a variety of recreational activities. The teachers need the help of our volunteers to support the many children attending.

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