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Volunteer OverseasVolunteer Overseas

Professional Volunteering Opportunities in Veterinary Medicine

You can take part in professional volunteer veterinary medicine opportunities in the developing world with Projects Abroad. These projects are ideal for recent graduates, qualified vets wanting a career break, and retirees.

Veterinary professional treats a sick cat in a clinic in Samoa

We work with local partners, including veterinary clinics and animal care centers. The treatment of and attitudes toward domestic animals across the world varies enormously and you may find you experience some shocking cases. However, you will also be involved in improving the situation for animals like stray dogs, for example, by helping with education and awareness campaigns.

As part of every project you will be working alongside local professionals and will be expected to share your own knowledge and experience.

Upon application Projects Abroad will take into account your current skills and training. This enables us to place each volunteer at an institution where your help and expertise will be most beneficial.

Please find below a list of all the available Projects Abroad Veterinary Medicine projects.

PROFFESIONAL Veterinary Medicine Projects in:

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