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Volunteer and Intern in Romania

Map of volunteer placement in Brasov, Romania with Projects Abroad
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  • Location: Brasov
  • Accommodation: Host families
  • Local languages: Romanian
Country Info

Romania, an Eastern European country in the process of steady economic and cultural change, is a destination where Projects Abroad volunteers can have a significant impact on the lives of the needy. Our volunteer projects and internships in Romania are available for anyone interested in volunteering in the developing world, including those on a college summer break, gap year, career break, or volunteer vacation.

Romania struggled economically following the collapse of Communism and it remains influenced and scarred by its recent political history. The impact of the 1989 revolution is obvious. It is still talked about often and remembered with a variety of emotions.

Since 2000, Romania has become more stable and is now classified as a “boom economy”, one of the strongest in south-eastern Europe. Towns are becoming more developed and cosmopolitan, with foreign investors bringing more jobs as well as a wide variety of restaurants and nightlife. However, many of Romania’s old social problems still remain, with severe poverty in rural areas, a lack of jobs for graduates, and poor conditions for the many disadvantaged youths in the country.

Staff Profile Razvan Voica, Country Director
Razvan Voica
Country Director
“Romania is a bewildering country of contrasts and paradoxes- the only Latin cultured country in Eastern Europe. From seeing the latest Porsche next to a horse and cart to meeting the Western-style businessman near the communist bureaucrat, you will get a very real sense of the ways in which East and West have collided over the past two decades, and the inequalities that have been created. There is a genuine need for you to volunteer here and you will be warmly welcomed by the people in your host family, your colleagues at work, and your fellow volunteers, who always form a friendly, supportive network here in Transylvania.”

Where You Will Live in Romania with Projects Abroad

The city of Brasov, Romania

Projects Abroad Romania has its office in the historic city of Brasov in the capital of historic Transylvania. A wide range of international volunteer work is available and you could find yourself helping to care for children in orphanages and special needs centers, working as a teacher in a high school, or helping to excavate ancient ruins, among other ways you can volunteer.

Set in the Carpathian Mountains and with a ski resort nearby, Brasov is an unusual combination of impressive historical squares and palaces, sandwiched between former-Communist tower blocks. While volunteering abroad, you’ll be living with a local host family in town, and you will find that spending time with a Romanian family and their friends is an entertaining and enlightening experience in itself.

Your Romanian hosts will make sure that you eat heartily, and there will be plenty of local specialties to try – it’s common to find yourself sitting down to Sunday lunch at 1pm and not getting up until 5pm. They may feed you mamaliga, a corn bread which seems to come with every meal, or ciorba, a spicy soup. There is also sure to be lots of good conversation during meal times.

Travel and Sightseeing Opportunities in Romania

A Transylvanian castle in Romania, Eastern Europe.

There’s plenty to see in Romania, from painted monasteries, Transylvanian castles, and green mountains to vibrant Black Sea beach resorts, medieval towns, and relaxing spas. Romania has activities and attractions to suit all tastes and budgets.

The ancient city of Brasov has many sights and museums, and a full cultural program of theater, music, and puppetry performances. The town center contains a wide range of restaurants within walking distance, and it’s also easy to explore more of the city with frequent buses and trolleybuses.

It’s only an hour from the town to Dracula’s castle, the medieval home of Vlad the Impaler. There are plenty of attractions in Transylvania, but it’s also easy for you to visit Bucharest, the Black Sea, or the Danube Delta. Other volunteers have chosen to explore Hungary, Bulgaria, and other Eastern European countries after finishing their volunteer placements.

Projects for All Ages in Romania

High School Specials for Teens in Romania

Projects for professionals available in Romania

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You Only Get One First Impression (article written by Jonathan Iacopi, Australia)

It can elicit any number of emotions ranging from elation, love, content to disappointment, disgust or anger. It can set the tone for a relationship or stop it before it starts. Brasov evoked high expectations but disappointed on its first impression. Although through no fault of its own - it appears ...

Brasov: The epitome of contrast (article written by Thomas Rowe, UK)

Secluded in the thick, green haze of surrounding forest; one could be forgiven for being startled at the sudden emergence of an urban metropolis; Brasov is a drastic, immediate change to the vivid, mountainous terrain that engulfs it. In many ways, this initial shock is a mere amuse-bouche for the diverse ...

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