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Volunteer OverseasVolunteer Overseas

Volunteer and Intern in the Philippines

  • Location: Bogo City, Cebu
  • Accommodation: Host families
  • Local languages: Cebuano
Country Info

The Philippines is home to 7000 islands and a rapidly developing economy thanks to an abundance of natural resources and strong industries. Unfortunately, poverty still persists in many areas and volunteer aid is needed desperately. Projects Abroad volunteer placements and internships are available for anyone interested in volunteering in the developing world, whether you are student on a gap year or summer vacation, a professional on career break, or a retired volunteer.

The Philippines is located to the west of the North Pacific Ocean, with its closest neighbors being Taiwan to the north, Vietnam to the west, and Borneo to the south.

We are especially in need of teachers, as public schools in the Philippines suffer from overcrowding and a lack of resources. Volunteers can make a huge difference by giving students the extra support and attention local teachers are often unable to give.

Staff ProfileKenneth Sotto, Country Director
Kenneth Sotto
Country Director
“Hello from the Philippines- a country made up of culture, history, beauty, and intrigue! We are so excited to have volunteers experience the country as a local and get a taste of the Filipino lifestyle. From spectacular beaches, to mountain ranges, from traditional festivals, to urban city life, volunteers will never be bored! We are very proud to be working here and look forward to receiving energetic and adventurous volunteers.”

Where You Will Live in the Philippines with Projects Abroad

Locals perform at the Sinulog festival in the Philippines

Projects Abroad in the Philippines is based on Cebu Island, part of the Visayan Islands region. While living with local host families in Bogo City, Cebu and surrounding smaller towns, volunteers can work in orphanages or care centers helping disadvantaged children, teach English and other subjects in both elementary and high schools, or do medical internships in rural health centers.

Bogo City is home to over 90,000 people in the province of Cebu. Bogo is located on the northeastern coast of the mainland Cebu. Cebu is one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines, with Cebu City as the main center of commerce, trade, education, and industry in the Visayas. While much of the city has developed rapidly over recent years and some areas downtown and on the seafront are modern and developed, other areas remain home to poverty-stricken Filipinos and migrants from all over the region.

Travel and Sightseeing Opportunities in the Philippines

Sunset of the volunteer placement of Cebu, Philippines with Projects Abroad

In Cebu City itself you can explore Carbon Market, a traditional farmer’s market, or embrace the vast modern malls, complete with movie theaters and restaurants. You can also visit Fort San Pedro and Magellan’s Cross to learn about the Spanish conquest. The Spanish influence is felt in the regular fiestas and street parades, the highlight of which is the Sinulog Festival, a nine day Mardi Gras style party at the end of January.

On Cebu Island the beaches in the north and southwest offer the classic combination of white sand and clear seas with spectacular diving or snorkeling. For more remote beaches the idyllic offshore islands of Bantayan and Malapascua are easily accessible for weekend trips.

If you have more travel time, the Philippines has endless possibilities for island hopping. If you tried to visit every island in the country at a rate of one per day, you’d be travelling for over 20 years. Our local staff will be able to advise you on narrowing down the options.

The rest of Southeast Asia is only a short flight away and with Cebu City having an international airport with many budget airlines offering bargain flights, traveling on to countries like Thailand, Vietnam, or Indonesia is easy.

Projects for All Ages in Philippines

High School Specials for Teens in Philippines

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22/11 (Day 1)I was picked up by Projects Abroad and taken directly to Bogo City. The trip took close to 2 hours even though Bogo is only approx 100kms away from Cebu. I rarely saw the speedo get above 60km due to the poor road conditions. This was the point ...

Farvel sol og varme - Hej jul, kulde og Danmark

Nu er mine næsten tre måneder på Filippinerne eller nærmere Cebu ved at rinde ud. Jeg sidder i skrivende stund i Mactan AirPort på Cebu og venter på det første fly til Hongkong. Jeg har en flyvetur på 25 timer der venter foran mig og følelsen af at man egentlig bare gerne ville kunne trylle ...

Bijna 50 dagen weg

Om te beginnen moet ik mijn excuses aanbieden voor mijn vertraagde blogpost. Er zijn hier (bijna) geen computers, dus het kost nogal wat tijd om het allemaal op mn telefoon te typen en bovendien is vandaag letterlijk de eerste dag die ik helemaal voor mezelf heb. Het zal dus een lange post worden, maar ...

Når tiden både står stille og flyver afsted!

Tiden er simpelthen fløjet afsted. Neg sidder nu på hospitalet på en meget stille mandag. Der er ingen fødende på fødestue og der er ikke det store at se til på de andre wards. Det er jo familierne der klarer mad, personlig pleje, hentning af medicin og lignende. Udover det bruger sygeplejerskerne ...

Nye oplevelser skaber nye tanker og drømme

Nå, i denne skrivende stund har jeg været her i snart 7 uger og der er mindre tre uger til min veninde ankommer. Så står den på masser af hygge, oplevelser og et liv i en rygsæk. Det bliver intet mindre end fantastisk! Jeg nyder virkelig mit liv på Filippinerne og at arbejde indenfor et helt ...

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