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Volunteer OverseasVolunteer Overseas

Care & Community in Nepal for Teens

Project Info
2 weeks
  • Saturday December 10th 2016 - Friday December 23rd 2016
  • Sunday January 8th 2017 - Saturday January 21st 2017
  • Sunday December 10th 2017 - Saturday December 23rd 2017
  • Sunday January 7th 2018 - Saturday January 20th 2018
2 weeks
  • Sunday June 11th 2017 - Saturday June 24th 2017
  • Sunday June 25th 2017 - Saturday July 8th 2017
  • Sunday July 9th 2017 - Saturday July 22nd 2017
  • Sunday July 23rd 2017 - Saturday August 5th 2017
  • Sunday August 6th 2017 - Saturday August 19th 2017
3 weeks
  • Sunday June 25th 2017 - Saturday July 15th 2017
  • Sunday July 23rd 2017 - Saturday August 12th 2017
4 weeks
  • Sunday June 25th 2017 - Saturday July 22nd 2017
  • Sunday July 23rd 2017 - Saturday August 19th 2017

  • Placement location: Kathmandu
  • Types of placements: Schools and Care Centers
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Age Requirements: 16-19 years old
  • Arrival Airport: Kathmandu (KTM)
  • Local Languages: Nepali

Our Care & Community Project in Nepal is based in the Kathmandu valley - an area rich in ancient temples reflecting the country's great wealth of culture and tradition. Although two weeks is relatively short, it gives you the opportunity to make a significant difference in other people's lives as well as your own.

A female volunteer and a child at the Care & Community project in Nepal.

You will discover another culture as you explore and learn more about this great country. You will stay in a hotel close to the areas where you are working and will participate in evening activities planned by our local staff.

Volunteers will spend their time doing important work in the community. In the mornings you will focus community work in a local school or children’s home. During this time you will be renovating and decorating the building. By putting in a new floor or painting a mural on a neglected wall, you will be making a valuable and lasting contribution to the placement. In the afternoons you will take part in a variety of activities including outreach work, visits to some of our partner care organizations where you will run activities for the children, and visiting local monuments and historical sites.

Over the weekend you may have the chance to visit the central markets and local temples of Kathmandu, or you could take a trip to the huge and beautiful nature reserve of Chitwan National Park.

For those who want to do a longer stay, this project is available as a 4-week program on select dates. Those joining us on the 4-week program will get extra visits and activities arranged during the other weekends.

For high school students who want to volunteer abroad over their spring break, this project is available as a 2-week program on select dates in March.

You can read more detailed information about the aims of the project in our Nepal Care Management Plan.

Volunteer Profile Former High School Special volunteer Charlotte Yuen shares her volunteer story from Care & Community in Nepal
Charlotte Yuen
I have never met such happy children in my life! We took plenty of pictures together, sang songs, played tag and laughed. The girls and I would braid each other's hair. One of the girls wove me a bracelet out of grass and it is more valuable to me than my most expensive possessions. I remember reluctantly saying goodbye when I had to return to Kathmandu. Read more...
What are High School Specials? Community Service Credit

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